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Feb 3, 2009 08:14 AM

Ft Lauderdale beach area needed

We will be coming down this weekend and staying at the Hilton by the beach. Looking for local great food. We are open to all types of food and it does not have to be fancy just good and places we can get to without a car.

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  1. The best places I can think of would be:

    Cero @ the Ritz Carlton

    Trina @ the Atlantic Hotel


    Casablanca Cafe -

    There are a bunch of touristy type places at Beach Place as well -- nothing really great though.

    Heres the list:

    Hooters 954-767-0014
    Lu Lu's Baitshack 954-463-7425
    Howl at the Moon 954-598-0202
    Sloppy Joe's 954-522-7553
    Fat Tuesday 954-525-1220
    Richard's Tikii & Raw Bar 954-527-4441
    Al Patra Restaurant 954-761-2290

    1. Coconuts is great. It's just south of Las Olas on A1A