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Feb 3, 2009 08:07 AM

who has the best restaurant week menu

who has the best restaurant week menu?
So far we have been to
Peacock Alley
Lever House
Tribeca Grill
Ben Benson's Steakhouse

none have impresed me enough to want to go back for more...
have reservations at the following places for the rest of the month, any other suggestions for better eating?
Café Boulud
Le Cirque

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  1. I normally don't love eating out during Resto Week, but last year had a WONDERFUL experience at Perry Street for a Restaurant Week dinner. The menu options were plentiful and the portions satisfying, and not once did I feel like I was being forced to order their equivalent of the restaurants "chicken and salmon" options, if you know what I mean. I very highly recommend it!

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      I believe you can go to Perry St. throughout the winter for the special $35/person menu.

      I also recommend Convivio if they are still running their RW dinners.

    2. David Burke's Fishtail is doing Sunday 3 course Dinners for 20.09 and the selections are very generous. I'll go back at least once more before this promo ends