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Feb 3, 2009 07:58 AM

Tasty dinner at Highland Kitchen

We have gladly added HK to our regular rotation. Last night was a perfect example of why. Started with #1 margarita and Bloodhound..just perfection. Shared the pita and dipping plate which is a good size for sharing, dips very fresh and homemade. Next DH had the goat stew and loved the spice , I opted for the fried chicken special ( never having met a fat gram I didnt like) that was served with garlic mashed, gravy and collards. The batter was light, the chicken plentiful ( 4 pieces)and well spiced.It takes alot for me to leave mashed on the plate but after devouring the chicken I had to say Uncle. We shared the banana bread pudding which was a fitting finish but very rich so good to share . We had a bottle of Alstatian white and the bill was about $100 before tip. A really good value and would have been much less had we not opted for a more expensive wine..easy parking last night was about 1/3 full and (wow) bar had seats !! when we got there at about 7:45 but that changed completely by the time we left at 9ish..good eats

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  1. I've eaten at HK 3 times now and I have to say while I like it I just don't love it. I've had the goat stew, deviled eggs, cuban reuben and the pan roasted chicken breast. There's something kind of missing in the taste for me and i'm not sure what it is. I want to love it but i just don't

    1. I'm planning to try it out tomorrow for the fried chicken special.. does anyone know what sides are offered with the special? I really wish they would update their website!