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Feb 3, 2009 07:54 AM

Complete my menu, please! (Meat dish & sides)

Hi Everyone! I could really use some input on completing my menu for a President's Day get-together. I need ideas for a meat dish that's easy to eat "buffet style." (We just had a baby, so seating space is limited with all his baby gear!) I know most of the food on the menu appears to have Greek/Middle Eastern influence, but I'm not limited to that at all. Any more ideas that would mesh well with the following foods?

Appetizers/side dishes:

- Chicken & lemon soup with rice
- veggie dip platter
- hummus and pita
- Spanakopita (spinach pie)
- mini cheese & pepperoni calzones (Sr. Swanky's fav!)

Main Dishes/Meats:



Hot apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream
Coca Cola Cake
Fresh strawberries

Thanks so much, Everyone!!!

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  1. How about a pistachio crusted rack of lamb and grilled eggplant....the lamb is easy and makes a statement, goes with the rest of your menu you planned and the eggplant is a nice touch.

    Perhaps a Coucscous with a Mediteranean touch as a starch would be nice with some pine nuts, fresh rosemary and pitted olives.

    If you need more specifics, plese feel free to ask.

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    1. re: Filet o Fish

      Similar to above but more buffet friendly, you could do braised Moroccan lamb or pork stew with rice or couscous on the side. The braised meat (shanks, shoulder, leg if using lamb) is best done a day or two in advance and reheated the day of, very easy and tasty.

      1. re: SpudMurphy

        I also think a simple roasted or braised lamb dish and a mediterranean couscous side would be nice.

    2. Grilled herbed chicken with tzakiki sauce served on couscous


      1. Lemon and rosemary roasted chicken pieces: legs, thighs, breasts....lots of garlic & EVOO, Kosher salt & FGBlack pepper.

        Baked polenta or baked rice pilaf.

        1. Since it's a buffet you'll want something that can be eaten one-handed.

          How about amb kebabs? Get a boneless leg cut into stew-sized chunks, marinate in herbs/olive oil/lemon juice, skewer with red onion chunks and pepper sections, broil or grill depending on the weather. Or just serve the marinated, cooked chunks of lamb with pita bread, tzatziki, tomatoes, onions so guests can assemble their own "gyros."

          You've already got hummus, but you could also serve whole garbanzo salad, with red onions, olive oil, lemon juice and cilantro.