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Feb 3, 2009 07:37 AM

What brand of almond extract do you recommend?

Our brother cook asked me to get him a pint bottle of almond extract, and he told me to try Litteri's near us in D.C. They don't carry it, and I don't want to spend half the day driving someplace to get some. So I went on line. Silver Cloud Estates has a pure almond extract made from bitter almonds for 28.95 for a quart (no pints listed). Cooks offers one made from bitter almonds for $17.95 for a pint. Adams offers it for $12.99/pint but doesn't say it is made from bitter almonds. The Spice Barn has a bitter almond extract at $25.99/pint. Any recommendations for these or other brands?

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  1. This may not help you, but for my Christmas baking I bought a 5z bottle of Boyajian Natural Almond Extract for around $10. I go through a lot that time of year. I didn't find it was necessarily any better than McCormicks though, just less per ounce.

    1. Penzeys sells a excellent almond extract, and they have retail stores in Falls Church Va. and Rockville Md.

      The related Spice House also sells a recommended Almond extract,

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        2nd Penzey's. Their double-strength vanilla is also superb.

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          Dittos for OP Penzey Rec. I have been using the Almond Extract for two years, and I love it. It is very rich and highly perfumed. Love it just mixed with fresh Ricotta and Splenda, or Fage Yogurt and Splenda. I like things really sweet ;+}

          I also used it when making Apricot Jam and Plum Jam, adding it at the end.A dash in Apple or Cherry Pie is delivious as well.

        2. I also recommend Penzey's.

          1. Thanks, everyone. It's been a big help.

            1. Do you have any other ways to use Almond Extract besides in baking? I love the taste and the perume.

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                I make fruit compote with apricot extract. I use fresh Bosc Pears and any firm apple variety (e.g. Honeycrisp or Granny Smith), plus dried apricots and sometimes prunes. The liquid is apple cider and tokaji aszu (a Hungarian dessert wine - this is optional but using some sauternes-like wine adds a sophisticated astringency), in a 3:1 ratio, plus a little honey and almond extract. I microwave it covered and when the fresh fruit is tender, remove it and stir in some golden raisins, which would swell too much if added at the start.