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Feb 3, 2009 07:21 AM

Chelsea Date

Hey everyone -- Got a dinner and a movie tonight in Chelsea (theatre is on 23rd and 8th). I searched the board and got a couple suggestions (specifically Red Cat and O Mai). Does anyone have any other ideas? All types of food (sans sushi) would work, and price is not a huge concern. Thank you!

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  1. Rocking Horse Cafe, for upscale Southwestern /'s on 8th Ave at 19th St. Bombay Talkie, indian, on 9th Ave and 20th st. Or that new basque restaurant Txikito on 25th & 9th ave. Blossom, Trestle on 10th....

      1. re: malibu

        I second Cookshop, it's always a great meal and a nice atmosphere for a date unless you are looking for something very quiet.

        Also, you can try Trestle on Tenth which is a very meat-centric menu.

      2. I wasn't particularly impressed with the food at Cookshop and Red Cat. And I found the noise level at Cookshop to be quite high. If you would prefer a place that's small and intimate...

        Gascogne, the French bistro on 8th, b/t 17th & 18th, serves delicious food in a charming and cozy space.

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        1. re: RGR

          Just a voice of dissent here... we only ate at Red Cat once, but had a great experience. It's definitely 'neighborhood-y", but the comfortable feel of the restaurant and the homey food add up to a winner in my book.

          Gascogne... I've eaten there quite a few times (although only at lunch), and despite the nice surroundings, I have never had anything there that was anything beyond "just okay".

          1. re: danoots

            The one time we had dinner at Red Cat, while the atrmospherics were pleasant, I thought the food was just so-so.

            We have had many experiences at Gascogne -- dinner, lunch and brunch -- and the food has always been delicious.

            I guess this is a good example of the expression, "Chacun a son goût."

        2. Tia Pol on 10th Ave, between 22 & 23. It's small, so you'll probably need a reservation. I was just there last week and loved every small plate we ordered, particularly the pork sandwich and lamb skewers . Killer!

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          1. re: acpi

            2nd the Tia Pol.
            Other choices, not so good.
            Not sure Tia takes ressies for party of less than 6 but it is cool to hang
            for a table, standing and eating/drinking, unless someone is a prima donna and
            doesn't wait, stand, etc.

            1. re: dietndesire

              I had an delicious chicken korma at Bombay Talkie. And a cocktail to match. I thought it was a pretty nice date spot.

          2. How was the date? Where did you all end up?