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Feb 3, 2009 07:19 AM

Non-"family" restaurants near Anaheim/Orange

Hubby is working for a client near Anaheim during the week. He's sick of room service. Looking for good food nearby that is not inundated with Mickey Mouse ears. Any cuisine ok, but particularly looking for healthy, fresh food. Mostly casual, but the occasional nice dinner out suggestions would be good when he can find someone to go with him. Uninterested in big chains. Any help appreciated.

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  1. Here's a recent thread that might help: -- Please... Florida Hound will be in Anaheim next week.

    1. Very few restaurants outside of the Harbor/Katella area and the Block at Orange are "inundated with Mickey Mouse ears".

      How about Citrus City Grill in old town Orange (just north of Chapman and Glassell)? Or Mariscos Puerto Esperanza? Or Mr. Stox or Anaheim White House in Anaheim for nice dinners, despite their proximity to Disneyland. Or perhaps Park Ave. in Stanton, where he can soak in the Googie (think Jetsons) atmosphere and have a killer drink with his meal? Or if he is not so hungry and wants to nurse a glass of wine with some small plates, Lizarran Tapas in Fullerton.

      There's more cheap, non-Mouse-oriented ethnic food within 15 minutes' drive of Disneyland than I can name here. Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Armenian... very fresh food, some of it very light. The biggest Vietnamese community in the US is only 10 minutes from Disneyland.

      Some suggestions:

      Vietnamese -- Xanh (Brookhurst and McFadden) or Vien Dong (Brookhurst and 13th), or maybe Quan Hy (Bolsa near Magnolia).

      Thai -- Thai Nakorn (Beach and Chapman in Stanton) or Bangkok Taste (Grand and the 22 in Santa Ana/Orange).

      Korean -- Kaju Tofu, or Cham Sut Gol, or Anna's Mondu, or Shik Do Rak, all on Garden Grove Blvd. between Brookhurst and Beach in Garden Grove.

      Chinese -- Mas Islamic Chinese on Orangethorpe between East and Lemon in Anaheim, or King Harbor Seafood on Harbor and Garden Grove Blvd. in Garden Grove, or King Lobster Palace on Tustin between Meats and Taft in Orange.

      Arabic/Armenian -- Al-Sanabel on Brookhurst north of Ball, or Kareem's Falafel on Brookhurst and Ball, or Zankou Chicken on Ball between Brookhurst and Magnolia.

      Mexican -- see the linked thread above.

      There's no lack of great food around here and it's easy to skip the tourist parts of town because they're mostly packed with chains anyway.

      Oh, and as for casual -- this is Orange County, where nice jeans and a button-down shirt can go anywhere but the snootiest of places. I've eaten at Marche Moderne in shorts (not on purpose) and nobody batted an eyelash. We're not exactly sartorial snobs in these parts. :)