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Feb 3, 2009 07:14 AM

All You Can Eat Sushi

A few years ago I went to a restaurant on the UES (around 72nd Street?) where there is all you can eat sushi, and it was not bad! Any idea what the place might have been? I have been wanting to go back!


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  1. there's one on 81/2nd call Yuka-good price but if u saw thier kitchen u would never eat there again!

    1. UES Mayor is right - i'm pretty sure you're referring to Yuka...and regardless of what their kitchen looks like, they definitely don't serve the freshest fish in town. ick.

      1. I'll probably get banned from Chowhound for this, but I adored Yuka when I was a student living in Yorkville. It ain't Yasuda, and I probably wouldn't go back there now that I'm no longer pinching pennies as tightly, but for a grad student to be able to fill up on nigiri and maki for $20, it was a dream.

        And as for the kitchen - which I haven't seen, admittedly - I'm still around six years later, so it can't be _that_ bad, can it?

          1. Skip Todai on 32nd...Sushi Buffett.