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Feb 3, 2009 07:11 AM

When will Ichiumi (formerly known as Todai) open at Menlo Park Mall in Edison?

I heard some buzz that there will be a new sushi buffet at Menlo Park Mall. After some research, I found out that it is called Ichiumi. It was supposed to be called Todai but somehow Ichiumi is the new name. Does anyone know when this will open or what the prices will be for lunch and dinner?

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  1. I drove past there several weeks ago and I am pretty sure the sign said this month, also received a flier about another "Japanese style buffett" on Route 1 south in North Brunswick in the strip mall after Walmart. Can't remember the name but might swing past there this weekend. I'll post if it's worth while.

    1. Forgive me , I did not realize you had already posted about Fuji, Thanks, you saved me a trip.

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        Before you pass on Fuji completely, it might be worth trying for dinner. The bad reviews all seem to come from lunch visitors, while the positive reviews I've seen (including my own) all come from dinner visits.

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          I will think about it, It's just that Makkoli is around the corner from me, and I would hate to drive all that way to find that it's not as good or equal to Makkoli. That being said, I wish there was a branch of Minado closer to us here in Middlesex county.

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            I was at the mall last week and found out that they had, what was rumored to be, structural problems and will not open until the spring.

      2. IchiUmi Restaurant grand opening is on Friday March 20th at 5:30pm. There were structural and roofing problems, that slowed down the completion of the project. All complications have been rectified, and the place is beautiful.

        1. I know they've only been open ten minutes, but has anyone been there yet? Are they really open?

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            Yes, njchowgal, The grand opening was last night and they are now offically open. I attended the grand opening and the place was fantastic. What a great array of foods, from the fresh sashimi at the carving station to the chilean sea bass to the japanese style spare ribs and can not forget the raw bar. The atmosphere was wonderful and lively and the decor is beautiful. There was a wait as it was opening night, but great things come to those who wait. I highly recommend it!!

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              thanks for the report. did they have snow crab legs?

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                Yes, they had mounds of king crab legs and it was constantly being replaced. Not to metion the oysters and clams on the raw bar. I believe the king crabs are on the weekend only, so you might want to check into that. Go and enjoy!

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                    and how much it cost per person for adult and kids?

                    1. re: yCf

                      It is about $28 per person for dinner on weekdays, $31 on weekends. Kids go by height - half price for under 4 1/2 feet, $9.95 for under 3 1/2 feet, and under 2 1/2 feet is free.

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                        Is that you, Candy? If so, please tell me the name of your Uncle who played basketball @ The Club so I know it's you.....David

            2. We finally made it out to Ichiumi last week, and we enjoyed it. The restaurant is beautiful and the food display and presentation is top-notch. They had the usual- rolls, sashimi (no white tuna), and hot food, as well as some high-end additions, such as raw clams and oysters, four whole fish presentations, and fresh, firm snow crab legs. There were also manned deep-fry and hibachi stations. The sushi chefs also took custom orders for hand rolls. Try a shrimp tempura hand roll, it was still warm and very crispy. All in all, Ichiumi was very good, but a little on the pricey side. For all you sushi lovers, still does not compare to Minado.

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                Thanks so much for your review, I was having a discussion on just how good or fresh this type of dining concept is compared to Minado, who makes it a point to close for several hours between seatings in order to replace/refresh offerings and generally clean the restaurant. I am not saying that Ichiumi won't someday reach or surpass Minado's rep but maybe Minado's concept lends itself to a better product and dining experience?

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                  Ichiumi does close for about 2 hours between seatings, but I agree there's something lacking, compared to Minado. For me, it might be the hot food. The selection wasn't that great (a lot of fish...not a lot of anything else). The hot food quality and selection at Minado definitely gives it the edge over Ichiumi. The sushi selection was definitely comparable though, and regardless, I think Ichiumi is still worth the money if you're a sushi lover.

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                    Thanks, I want to dine there some time in the near future. I make it a habit to wait at least a couple of months before trying a new restaurant so hopefully they have already worked out the bugs and the staff and food have hit it's groove........ Hopefully.

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                      just went there tonite; I have to say it was quite good. I only dabble in sushi; the few pieces I ate were very good. The presentation of the sushi was was fun to walk around and look at it. I think their cold stuff (sushi, salads) is pretty comparable to Makkoli, tho' Ichi has maybe a bit more sushi. The hot assortment was heavy on fish, this is true, but I enjoyed everything. Wide variety and interesting variations, from basic grilled to more exotic. Even basic stuff like clams, mussels and snow crab were extremely fresh and tasty. There was sea bass, flounder, tilapia, cod, turbot, salmon, shrimp, crawfish, clams, mussels, scallops and likely others I am forgetting. The grilled stuff was pretty good too. Udon soup was yummy as well. It is a bit more expensive ($28/$31, not including beverage), but it was all fresh and good. Very nice atmosphere as well.