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Feb 3, 2009 07:10 AM

Farmer's Market in Napa - Open in March?

My husband and I are travelling to Napa for a week in March for the first time. We would like to be able to buy some fresh, local, organic (if possible) produce. I did a search for Farmer's Markets but most don't seem to open until May. Are there any Farmer's Markets or other sources for local produce that are open in March? Thanks for your help!

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  1. The City of Napa or the Napa Valley? What towns do you plan to visit? How far are you willing to travel?

    Here's a site that will list all California farmers markets with dates they are open and times they are open.

    The two in the city Napa near Oxbow on Tuesday and Saturday don't open till May ... and from what I've seen you aren't missing anything there. However, i

    In Oxbow Market there is Oxbow Produce and Grocery selling local organic produce from 100 farmers locally and regionally. I haven't been to the store since they moved to a section of the market. Did have some fabulous organic cranberries from their moving sale ... only 49 cents a pound ... but that was a special exception.

    If you are interested in driving a bit out of the Napa region, there is the Sunday morning market in Marin which is an example of an exceptional farmers market,only second to SF's Ferry Plaza

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      We will be staying in the city of Napa but will be exploring the area so willing to drive. Thanks so much for the links and information on Oxbow Market and the one in Marin.

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        The market in Marin is great.

        Some of my favorite vendors that should be there in March from the list on the website
        - Andante Dairy ... Don't miss this cheese, especially figaro, if available.
        - Saint Benoit Yogurt - lots of samples
        - Flying Disc Ranch - great dates
        - Marshall's Farm - big selection of honeys with tasting. Don't miss the pumpkin blossom
        - Spring Hill Jersey Cheese - nice flavored quark
        - Swanton Berry Farm - excellent strawberries
        - Zuckerman's Farm - if you can manage to bring some asparagus home, do it

        The website says "At summer’s peak, nearly 200 local farmers, specialty food purveyors and artisans come together to celebrate a vibrant local food movement" Even in March there should be over 100.

        Marin Independant Journal article

        It is not that much of a ride from Napa ... maybe 30 mins - 45 at most. It is an easy off from the freeway located in the San Rafael city hall parking lot. The building is by Frank Lloyd Wright. If you go, try to make it there early .. before 10. There are also lots of prepared food vendors (roli roti chicken is great) and almost all vendors have samples ... you could make breakfast out of the samples alone.

        There's even a market tour at 10 am. From the farmers market website

        "Every week at 10 am, a walking tour of the farmers market will depart for the Eat Local 101 booth. MFM's Market Chef will share a recipe highlighting what’s in season and then take the group to visit a handful of the farmers that are growing the necessary ingredients. Learn what to look for in each ingredient and chat with the farmers about how they grow them. The tours are free and open to the public."

    2. If you'll be spending any time in Sonoma County to the west (and you might be driving though it anyway if you're coming from San Francisco), check out the year-round friday morning market in Sonoma and saturday morning in Santa Rosa.