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Feb 3, 2009 07:05 AM

Haines Pork?

Hi everybody, I was shopping on 9th st. and got into a conversation in line at DiBrunos with a nice gentleman in line about where to get pork. He highly suggested Haines in NJ. Has anyone had any experience with this shop? I am particularly interested in naturally raised and preferably heritage pork, but would appreciate any insight.

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  1. I have not been there personally, but know a few people who have been going for many,many years and rave about it. It's a little hard to find, so call for good directions. I know there have been reviews about it in both the local paper and I believe the Phila Inquirer did a piece on it a year or two ago.

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      I like their bacon and double smoked hams. Their pork is very good and cut to order, but I don't think they carry any heritage pork.

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            My non-expert explanation is that heritage pork is basically old breeds of pork raised on a smaller scale the old fashioned way. The pork you buy in the supermarket is from pigs that has been breed to grow as quickly and as large as possible and also to be overly lean and mild flavored to try get more of the boneless skinless chicken breast type mass consumer. I've bought heritage pork at the Headhouse Market a few times and while it was a bit pricey, it was delicious, the chops had way more taste and were more moist than what we have gotten used to. They aren't overly fatty, but a little marbling goes a long way!

            I was just wondering what kind of product they have at Haines and whether it was worth the trip from CC.

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              OK. thanks for the explanation,I will look for Heritage pork,it sounds superior.

      1. There was some discussion on the Mid-Atlantic board about places with Heritage pork. You might want to search over there because I think someone listed a few places in the Princeton/Lambertville/New Hope area that sell it.

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          Cherry Grove Farm in Lawrenceville, N.J. raise Berkshire Heirloom pastured whey-fed pigs. Also Grass fed Beef, and Free range chickens and eggs. Worth the trip. Check it out.