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Best thin crust pizza in the DC area

I looked didn't see a recent post about this. My husband is from central Jersey near the shore and they have a pizza place called Pete and Elda's (sp.). They have the thinnest pizza crust I've ever had, it's almost like matzoh and it's amazing.

Are there any great pizza places in the DC metro area that have thin crust (super thin) pizza?

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  1. Vace Bethesda........
    They do it like no one can......it is Awesome!

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    1. re: themeatguy

      I love Vace pizza, but I am surprised to hear you think the crust is very thin. I've always thought it was quite substantial.

      2 Amys is exactly what you seek.

      1. re: Steve

        Steve....I didn't say they had thin crust......jrl2929 said something about thin crust....

    2. Two Anys makes thin Neapolitan pizza which is very good.

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        I second the recommendation for Two Amys. Vace isn't bad either, but Two Amys sauce has more flavor and fresher ingredients like bufalo mozzarella. Some of my friends also like the wood-fired thin pizza at Sorriso, and while I like the homemade pasta dishes, I'm not a fan of the pizza there (not crunchy/crisp enough and again, Two Amys' pizza is better).

      2. Matzoh ... I think that's the word I've been looking for, but (never having tried any) I didn't have.

        A while back, there were some posts about Pizza Pantry in Arlington http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/541021 and it sounds like what you want, but I'm hesitant recommending that a fellow 'Hound take a chance on a downscale takeout.

        When I'm around the area, but not near home, I get almost the same thing (maybe a little higher on the "downscale-upscale" spectrum) at Ledo's. There are several of them around. BTW, a "large" Ledo pizza couls have fed the entire inauguration crowd.

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        1. re: wayne keyser

          Pizza Pantry/Pizza Oven/Italian Inn/Original Ledo's/Mario's/Marinos all serves the same type of "DC style pizza." It's not chicago. It's not New York slice. It's a local thing: rectangular, sweet sauce, provolone cheese, and a buttery, crackery, crust. It is thin, but I don't think it's what the original poster is looking for. It's definitely not light like a mazoh or thin like a cracker. An acquired taste, for sure, but one that can only be satisfied around DC.

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            You are so right Monkey.......I grew up here, love original Ledo's and Italian Inn......but it is a very local thing. I know people who don't like it at all....good, more for me!!

            1. re: cb1

              It's like "DC style steak and cheese" versus "Philly style cheesesteaks." Philly natives just can't accept that some people grew up liking lettuce, tomato, and mayo on their steak and cheese.

              I won't even get into the whole halfsmoke vs Chicago dog vs NY weenie debate.

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                Hey Monkey,
                You are so right. I rolled my eyes and shook my head at the LTM on the steak and cheeses here. But....then I realized...hey! I like it, I just don't like the semantics. In Philly, it's a cheesesteak hoagie, that's all. And, it's on most every steak joints menu!
                Hell, I'll even be IN THE MOOD for one now!! I know I used to order them from time to time in Philly.
                I like the Italian Store pizza a whole lot. So does my DH, and he's from Jersey (northern/central). It just reminds us of what we grew up with, not that it's any better or true than many of the pretty good slices you can get around here.
                Another "true slice" is Valentino's in Alexandria/Annandale.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  I didn't realize this was a regional thing. I used to go to Rehobeth Beach years ago and loved their cheesesteaks with the lettuce, tomatoes and peppers--even though they are nothing like a Philly cheesesteak.

                  Is there a good place in DC to get a "DC style" cheesesteak?

                  1. re: pastoralia

                    Most Chinese carryouts downtown that serve pizza-chicken-chinese-subs will make you one. They're all about the same. I prefer "Evil" Danny's on H Street NE, just because you can order a steak and ham and egg and cheese sub with EXTRA ham and bacon.

                    Mario's and The Broiler are also good at this.

                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                      My heart just stopped reading that description:

                      >> you can order a steak and ham and egg and cheese sub with EXTRA ham and bacon

                      1. re: Dennis S

                        that sandwich of monkeyrotica's is also known as "cardiologist's dream".

                    2. re: pastoralia

                      There are cheese steaks and there are Philly cheese steaks. I grew up in the Philly area eating Philly cheese steaks and hoagies several times each week. Just stop calling everything a Philly cheese steak and identify the item correctly. There is no good or bad...just DIFFERENT!

                      1. re: recipelover

                        Esp. when you confuse the DC Cheese and Steak sandwich!

                    3. re: monkeyrotica

                      now how did you know I like may on my cheesesteaks? ;)

                  2. re: monkeyrotica

                    The Italian Inn was just sold...... afraid to say that things have changed.... not the old place it used to be :(

                    1. re: DukeD

                      That's sad. How's it different? Has the quality gone downhill? I only ever bought the pizzas.

                      1. re: DukeD

                        This is very sad. I guess the people who appreciated The Italian Inn for what it was have all moved away. A sad day indeed.

                      2. re: monkeyrotica

                        Ledo pizza is a St. Louis style pizza. I don't know if Ledo intended that or not. But St Louis style pizza is usually square, has a sweet sauce, and topped with Provel (a brand of cheese that is like provolone) cheese. You can find it a lot in the Midwest.

                        1. re: goldenbk

                          No. Absolutely not. There may be some inspiration, but it's not Imo's. I did research the claim on provel, and there seems to be a small bit of truth at least to this, but I've never come close to thinking it was provel (and we either order in provel or fake our own when cooking at home).

                          The square thing I don't know about, but that's hardly a reason to classify, imo.

                          To me, it's a MD pie (when done right, like at the o.g. location), and they should be proud of it. I'm from MO (and have worked at Imo's), and MD should be proud of the o.g. Ledo's. Period.

                          1. re: Dennis S

                            Second. The MD pie style isn't limited to just Ledo's, or to Maryland. The style of square, crackery crust is at Italian Inn (not as good as it used to be, apparently), Pizza Oven, and Mario's/Marino's in NoVA.

                            1. re: monkeyrotica

                              Stained Glass Pub in Glenmont, as well.

                              1. re: Mister Big

                                And the Irish Pizza Pub. Except they hired little people as servers.

                                1. re: monkeyrotica

                                  No monkey, the little people were entertainers.


                                  Check out the Irish Pizza Pub group on Facebook some time. Lots of good pictures of the place there.

                              2. re: monkeyrotica

                                Mario's is a square pie, but the crust is not crackery. It's more of a style I would describe as Sicilian/Elementary School Cafeteria. I don't mean it in a bad way, either. I think Mario's is the first pizza I ever ate. That's been about 47 years ago. I can't say it's my favorite, but it has never changed in all that time.

                      3. Sorry, you will not find anything remotely close to Pete and Elda's in this area. You will need to adjust your expectations downward, or develop an appreciation for authentic, Neoplitan style pizza. That is a different animal from Jersey/NY style, quite enjoyable, but different than what you were raised on.

                        1. The Italian Store has big slices, that are relatively thin, but I am not crazy about their pizza, to me it is too cheesy and almost is gloopy I guess, but a lot of people really like it so you might try that too?

                          I don't remember exactly how thick Matchbox's pizza is, but I don't think it is too thick and I really like it? I think they have good toppings too?

                          And if you happen to work in Ballston or are ever there during weekday lunch time the food cart Pupatella makes great thin pizza?

                          Good luck!

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                            I like Matchbox, but not for its pizza. Matchbox's pizza is really thin, but has very little sauce. The last few times I've had it, it was extremely garlicky. If you like garlic, maybe it's a good choice, but honestly I think Two Amy's pizza is a lot better.

                            I've never tried any matzoh-thin pizza in DC before. Let us know if you find some!

                          2. Italian Store in Arlington-Big Thin NY Style
                            Rusticos in Alexandria
                            2 Amy's
                            Pizza Paridisio

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                            1. re: Smiles2008

                              I'll second Pizzaria Paradiso...Still by far my favorite pizza in town

                            2. Is there anywhere besides The Italian Store in Arlington north/west of Route 50 to get pizza by the slice?

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                              1. re: jkosnett

                                You can get pizza by the slice at Church St. Pizzeria. Good thin crust,

                                115 Church St.
                                Vienna, VA 22180

                                1. re: Ericandblueboy

                                  Thanks, if I'm near Vienna, I'll try it. . I phrased my question badly. I mean Arlington proper, north and west sides...

                                2. re: jkosnett

                                  Broadway Pizza and Frozen Dairy Bar at Rt. 50 and Annandale Rd has pizza by the slice, and it's not bad at all. Not thin crust, though.

                                  Maybe I've never had good thin crust pizza, but I just don't get it based on the examples I've tried. It might be better for you, but what's pizza if not decent bread with a topping? Making it thin and crispy kind of defeats the idea in my mind.

                                  1. re: MikeR

                                    Thanks, Mike. That's still further out than I'm looking for. The deal is I leave my office in downtown Washington on Mondays at 5 :15 or 5:30 and need to grab something before my bridge game in north Arlington at 7:00. Hence my familiarity with the Italian Store, Rocklands, and (unfortunately) the Taco Bell on Lee Highway past Glebe Road. I've occasionally left early enough to hit the Caribbean place on Lee near George Mason. But if I want a slice or two of good old New Jersey/New York pizza, is there any nearby alternative?

                                    1. re: jkosnett

                                      I just found Caribbean Grill last week. My new favorite joint.

                                      1. re: jkosnett

                                        Oh, right. You're the one who was looking for a fish sandwich. Assuming your bridge game is in the part of Arlington close to The Italian Store, that's probably your best bet for pizza by the slice. Valintino's is indeed excellent, but it's very far off course for you. Can't you find a bridge game in South Arlington? ;)

                                    2. re: jkosnett

                                      Valentino's does slices. Thin crust NY slices that were meant for folding. Kinda like what you'd find at any Ray's Pizza in NYC.

                                      Valentino's New York Style
                                      4813 Beauregard St, Alexandria, VA 22312

                                      1. re: monkeyrotica

                                        Is that Ray's Famous, or Famous Rays, or Original Ray's, or...

                                        : )

                                        1. re: Dennis S

                                          It's Original Famous Rays (not affiliated with Famous Original Rays).

                                      2. re: jkosnett

                                        the deli next to pasha cafe in arlington (cherrydale deli?) has a good looking pizza by the slice. their gyros rock, too.

                                        do NOT go to yorktown bistro. horrible cardboard pizzas.

                                        pie-tanza's personal pizza is available as a lunch special, and is about the same price (plus or minus a bit) as two slices of italian store's.

                                        if you go to italian store, don't get the extra large pizza, it is gloppy, as noted by ktmoomau.

                                        faccia luna and pie-tanza are pretty good. fresh ingredients, thin crust, wood-fired. pie-tanza's crust is thinner.

                                        1. re: alkapal

                                          I wanted to share what I wrote on DR.com:

                                          Mr. MV and I had not been to Faccia Luna since we dated, so after making an exchange at Williams Sonoma next door, we decided it was time to go back. Whenever we were on that block for WS, or Southside 815, we couldn't help but notice how many neighborood folks were picking up pizzas for take out. So, that's what we decided to focus on for our entree. We shared a 14 inch (large) Margherita Pizza. The sauce and cheese were delicious, and made eating it from the tip to the middle outstanding. However, the dough got less topping a bit thicker towards the crust, which could have stood for more browning and a bit of char coming out of an oven that looked and smelled promising. My dogs enjoyed the crusts when I got home, so nothing went to waste!
                                          Prior to the pizza, I had a perfectly average, if not over-dressed Caesar salad. Mr. MV ordered a special of PEI mussels in a white wine and garlic sauce. The generous portion of plump, juicy, perfectly cooked (and not at all sandy) mussels were terrific, as was the broth which we sopped up with some crusty bread.
                                          Our server was very pleasant (right on top of refills), however, a runner serving a nice piping hot pizza when we were nowhere near done our apps is just sucky. I didn't send it back, nor did we reflect our displeasure in the tip, but wow....to plop a pizza down when it's plain to see we have just begun to dig into our apps was just not thinking, and not well-timed. I should have sent it back, and will pipe up next time, as I am pretty sure that popping the pizza back into the pizza oven 10 minutes later would have been OK.
                                          I would go back to try more of the menu, particularly the pastas. As for the pizza, I'd try more of that too, but be sure to let them know I want it served AFTER any apps ordered.

                                          1. re: monavano

                                            I always find their pizza really salty, not extrememly noteably tastewise, but at least the Arlington location, I always find myself super thirsty and thinking it was really salty afterwards. It is ok, and they normally have a nice lunch special with a salad, I wish it were better. Actually I really just wish Pupatella had longer hours.

                                      3. RedRocks pizza and Pete's Apizza, within walking distance of each other in Columbia Heights, are both worth a try if you want thin crust. I'm originally from NYC & I agree with poster who says you have to adjust your standards if you've just arrived from somewhere in the pizza belt, like Jersey. But the places mentioned above, plus 2Amys and Alberto's and other places mentioned herein put together some more-than-acceptable pies.

                                        1. Mia's in Bethesda. Putting out some of the best pizza in the area these days. Actually better than my last last couple trips to Two Amy's, where we encountered soupy pizza.

                                          Although, Two Amy's is still the place for small plates of great apps.

                                          1. If you like New York./Jersey style pizza - you have to try Tony's NY Pizza in Fairfax - in the Fair Lakes Shopping Center. My hubby is from Queens and craves this pizza every WEEK!

                                            1. Emilio's Brick Oven Pizza is the best, seemingly unknown place in NoVa.
                                              Sterling and Leesburg locations
                                              I'm always suprised that it's not on any of the best of DC lists.

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                                              1. re: pizzagood

                                                WOW....I think thats a strech.....To call Emilio's the best is like saying Clyde's is 4 stars.
                                                Don't get me wrong, but Emilio's is good wood oven pizza. But not in the same class as Vace, Two Amy's, Pizzeria Paradiso or even Saratoga Pizza......
                                                Plus, everytime I have been to Emilio's, the Sysco boxes outside of their building tell me that they aren't using the freshest of products. Not bashing sysco, but I like to know that where I am eating are getting the best products and not just what is Cheap..

                                                1. re: themeatguy

                                                  I've seen Sysco boxes at Paradiso, and the Sysco truck parked next to Vace.

                                                  1. re: themeatguy

                                                    Look, even 4-star restaurants might buy paper towels from Sysco. That can't be the final judge of quality, just seeing the boxes.

                                                    1. re: themeatguy

                                                      Sysco supplies most of the top restaurants i the area. Hard to figure how you see that that correlating in any way to restaurant quality.

                                                      I find that Emilio's pizza is every bit as good as Pizza Paradiso, and the atmosphere is much nicer, especially in the new Landsdowne location. It also has a large selection of food beyond pizza.

                                                      At Pizza Paradiso in Georgetown, we found the place cramped, crowded, and noisy, with tables jammed up against each other. That speaks well for popularity, but doesn't make for a relaxed meal. Pizza was good, but the service and atmosphere detracted.

                                                      Neither place can compare with the top New York City pizza places, like Lombardi's or Ray's.

                                                      1. re: BlueRidgePro

                                                        Be fair. Lombardi's uses a coal-fired oven, something that will never happen in DC with emissions laws.

                                                        And which Ray's are you talking about? Famous Original Ray's or Original Famous Ray's?

                                                        1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                          Ray's in the Village, at 6th & 11th, near St Vincents Hospital. Started going there in the early 70's, before the copy cats all sprung up.

                                                          I believe that it's current name is Famous Ray's Pizza of Greenwich Villageā€Ž.

                                                        2. re: BlueRidgePro

                                                          1st....Vace doesn't buy from Sysco....This is something that I know to be 100% fact.

                                                          2nd....all I am saying with the sysco thing is this.....it's ok to buy your Mayo, glasswear, canned tomatoes, papergoods....stuff like that.....But if you're an italian restaurant and your buying pre-cooked sausage (like the box I saw outside their back door) or precut - frozen veal cutlets (like the other box I saw) then I am sorry.....To me that isn't good. I like to go to places that use the freshest meats, cheeses and veggies possible....Don't you?

                                                          US Foods, PFG, SYSCO......Chefs now a days are told in culinary school that it is ok to buy their proteins from their broadliner....I KNOW....I have a bs of Kendal Culinary school in Chicago...I have been told it......IT'S NOT OKAY...It really isn't!

                                                          Ask Eric at Cityzen, or Jon Krinn or Michel Richard....Or Even Clydes, paulo's, 2 amy's or pizza paradiso if they buy their meats from sysco....EVERYONE of them will say no.....Why......Because they care about quality and service.....

                                                          Sysco is nice if you are a McRestaurant...and you just want to turn and burn, with low labor costs and middle of the road food....Be real please......
                                                          You can't put Emilio's up there with two amy's period.......It just isn't the same product.....The atmosphere might be nice, but tell me this...
                                                          Why is Not your average Joes SLAMMED on a tuesday, and Emilio's dead?
                                                          I can answer that simply.....They buy fresh meats, seafood and poultry from a local meat supplier...I know the salesman for the company.
                                                          So jump on me if you like, but as someone that knows a little bit about most of the restaurants that we are talking about.....I just think that I offer a perspective that someothers can't!

                                                    2. Pie Tanza in Arlington is relatively thin crust and very fresh. I like it better than 2 Amys.

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                                                      1. re: ChocoHound

                                                        I agree with Pie Tanza. The other one i would recommend is Lost Dog Cafe in Arlington. Pretty good thin crust pizza.

                                                        1. re: flipeatery

                                                          Lost Dog has a pretty decent pie. Order the small or medium if you like a crispy to well-done pie.

                                                          1. re: flavrmeistr

                                                            That makes so much sense yet it never occurred to me (re: large undercooked pie vs. smaller properly cooked one. Duh.) Thanks for the tip. I hate underdone pies. I just moved to Arlington and had a flyer from Lost Dog. Wasn't sure what to make of it. Anything else worth eating there?

                                                            1. re: Ellen

                                                              Great sandwiches. Haven't had one yet that I didn't like, and now have reached a point where I try a new one each visit; also, their chili is very good.

                                                              1. re: Ellen

                                                                i second their sandwiches. it's hard to choose which one -- esp. if you're feeling really hungry!

                                                                (used to have lost dog pizzas as take-out while working on a campaign. they had good flavor, but were definitely "floppy.")

                                                        2. I was born and raised in Chicago and yes, eventhough the Windy City is known for their deep dish it also has awesome thin crust, always cut in squares. There are a few decent places in the area, but since we live in Annapolis, we don't get to places like Matchbox too often. So we do our own. It is so easy thanks to Trader Joe's 99 cent dough balls.

                                                          So if you can't find what you are looking for, give homemade a try. The dough is so forgivable and easy to roll out. (better to stretch but that takes practice). You can make it as thin or thick as you want it. We prefer it quite thin and it cooks up beautifully.

                                                          Chicagoans prefer sausage unlike the rest of the country that opts for pepperoni and finding good italian fresh sausage is pretty easy. We also mix up the cheese using fontina, mozzarella and provolone and sometimes asiago. We like mushrooms too so we saute fresh ones in olive oil with a touch of butter on high heat until they are golden brown adding salt and garlic powder.

                                                          If you like seafood, you can make a white pizza with shrimp scampi. Again, so easy to make with the purchased dough. We simmer olive oil with crushed garlic cloves, dried oregano and hot pepper flakes until the oil is infused and the garlic roasted. We puree it and then use that to coat the dough instead of pizza sauce.

                                                          We slice the shrimp down the middle and saute them in olive oil, butter, garlic powder, and salt for just a minute or two, so they get the flavor but are not cooked thru. Then we stretch the dough, brush on the infused oil, sprinkle some parm, and top with shrimp and the three/four cheese blend. Absolutely first rate.

                                                          Having pizza pans with holes is important, since it helps the bottom cook and crisp up. Haven't mastered a pizza stone since getting a really thin crust to the stone takes practice. You can probably get by with a no hole pan on the scampi since it has less moisture than the sausage pizza with the red sauce. Convection is great too, but if you don't have it you just cook it on the highest temp possible (but not broiling), on middle rack or start low and end high adjusting the racks.

                                                          The next day, the pizza heats up great in the oven too, getting back it's crispness easily. (If you have any left). Making our own is the only way we survive in between our visits back home.

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                                                          1. re: BontheC

                                                            Speaking of Chicago pizza... Has anyone found anything worth trying as far as classic Chicago deep dish style in this area? I havent. And yes I am willing to settle for sub Chicago quality. I realize true Chicago style deep dish wont be found east of Fort Wayne so save all the "DC deep dish sucks" responses. Im already aware. And no I dont want to spend $60 ordering a frozen pie from Lou Malnati's or somewhere. But I will take something that at least tries to mimic the style and is better than dreadful (read better than local Unos chain "deep dish" pizza).

                                                            What I have discovered is that what passes as "deep dish" at most places around here is just an extra thick crust with dry ingredients on top. Im looking for the classic sauce on top - cheese inside style, long strings of cheese pulling away in every slice. I woke up in a cold sweat dreaming about it the other night and wasnt sure where to turn to satisfy this jones without driving to the Windy City...

                                                            1. re: Insidious Rex

                                                              It's really not hard to make. You just need a good recipe and the right cookware. I use a cast iron skillet. I don't have a recipe, but there's plenty online.

                                                              1. re: 4X4

                                                                Agreed. The stuff at the Unos chain stores ranges from meh to downright awful. They tend to go apey with the butter spray. My first attempt at deep dish was quite tasty and, yes, you do need a seasoned iron skillet. It's really not that difficult, given some basic dough skills and decent ingredients.

                                                                I can't think of a single decent Chicago pie in or around DC. It's like Chicago dogs, they're just not around here.

                                                                1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                                  What about Windy City Red Hots for the dogs? I haven't made it there myself yet (though I've seen it once from the road), but it has only had good reviews here?

                                                                  1. re: Dennis S

                                                                    I stand corrected. Never been, since it's WAY far away from me. I suprised Windy City doesn't have a second truck downtown. I'm always running into Chicago expats looking for a dog that's been "dragged through the garden."

                                                                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                                      Okay, I ended up out near there so I stopped by just a bit ago. Got the Italian Beef with spicy peppers. It was nice. He did the bread the right way, but I'm not a huge fan of that (big soft rolls dunked in aus jus). Really nice guy. I passed on the request to set up downtown. He said he gets that a lot.

                                                          2. For pizza crazies - there is an interesting article on different styles of pizza on this web site.


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                                                            1. re: BlueRidgePro

                                                              Great link...while I love my NYC pizza (DiFara's is simply a slice of heaven) I do miss the cracker-thin crusts from my hometown Milwaukee.

                                                            2. I am so HAPPY to hear Pizza Pantry in Arlington is back!! If you like thin crust, you'll love this. The larger is square and the crust is almost pastry like. You'll love it! I can't wait to get back up there and get me a pizza!!!

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                                                              1. re: RosyRosy

                                                                Pizza Pantry crust is Pillsbury-style, like biscuits-in-a-can. A guilty pleasure for some, I guess, but for everybody else just really bad pizza.

                                                                1. re: Steve

                                                                  And I'm pretty sure that's not what the original poster was looking for. I like Pizza Pantry/Pizza Oven/Original Ledo's pizza, but I wouldn't call it "almost like mazoh." Almost like a Ritz Cracker if the Ritz company made biscuity pizza crusts, more like.

                                                              2. I have read through this post and recognize that the discussion has certainly digressed from the original question. As such, I'll put in my two cents: though not exactly what you are looking for, Ledo's is great, slightly sweet, DC area pizza. Vace's is really good and pretty similar to NY style pizza. 2 Amy's is a slightly more traditional Italian pizza shop, usually using olive oil and very fresh mozzarella. Those are my three favorites in the area.
                                                                However, Vince and Dominic's (near Montgomery Mall) in Bethesda has great thin crust pizza. For locals, its their favorite pizza in the area and certainly rates highly for me. It is probably the closest to what you are looking for. Particularly during Passover (if you are interested), they have pizza that is actually made out of matzo. You won't believe how tasty it is.

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                                                                1. re: JeffreyMullins

                                                                  >> Vince and Dominic's (near Montgomery Mall) in Bethesda has great thin crust pizza. For locals, its their favorite pizza in the area

                                                                  STRONGLY disagree. Doughy, tasteless crust, cheese from a box, and sauce that's more sugar than tomato. Pale imitation of a NY pie. In MoCo, Mamma Lucia's (Federal Plaza location only) and Giuseppi's are much closer to NYC style.

                                                                  1. re: JeffreyMullins

                                                                    I like Vace about the best in the DC area. Most of the pizza in this town runs the gamut from unremarkable to revolting. A damn shame, is what it is.

                                                                  2. joe h. seems to have found your 'mazoh' pizza. It's called "Flippin Pie" and it's in Fair Lakes.


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                                                                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                                      I had no idea my questions was going to get so many responses. My husband and I live in upper Montgomery County but we happen to be going to a friend's in VA for pizza on Friday night. Both of them are from this area of NJ I mentioned. We'll have to try this place in Reston. Thanks!!!

                                                                      1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                                        It really is what they are looking for BUT I stopped posting about it because everyone who goes there orders it by the slice. I've ONLY HAD THE WHOLE PIE. The three times that I've been the slices looked like they had been sitting out for a long time; plus, they are baked a second time. They really just didn't look that good. Still, for someone who goes AND ORDERS THE WHOLE PIE I think they'll find that it is a slightly better than average pie similar to what you find in a slightly better than average neighborhood pizza joint in the New York metro area. It's local competition is a franchised Ledo's which, in its own way is good, too. (No, not as good as the original which I ate growing up once a week.) This is not DiFara's (which I've had) nor a coal oven pie nor Una Pizza Napoletana (which I've also had). It is what it is and is worth seeking out if you live within 10-15 minutes of the South Lakes Shopping Center. Not 20. It's a neighborhood recommendation not a worth the drive kind of thing like I once did for American Flatbread in Ashburn. Sorry, monkeyerotica for all of my qualifications but after three trips I feel comfortable with recommending it BUT it really does come down to expectations. I also long ago found out that being truly specific doesn't work: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/288918
                                                                        THE WHOLE PIE AND ONLY THE WHOLE PIE.
                                                                        The whole pie and only the whole pie.
                                                                        THE WHOLE PIE AND ONLY THE WHOLE PIE.
                                                                        The whole pie and only the whole pie.
                                                                        the whole pie....................
                                                                        the whole pie

                                                                      2. I haven't had pizza many places here, but the best sure isn't 2 Amys, one of the most overrated restaurants in DC. The pizza raw ingredients are good, but they invariably ruin them. The pizza is often sopping wet on top and burnt on the bottom. How they accomplish this is beyond me. Maybe that's supposed to be the "authentic Sicilian rustic style" for all the foodies, but I really wonder about the objectivity and integrity of many of the most popular food critics here who rave about such places. Any non-pizza items that they don't have to cook are much better, since the ingredients are far better than the chefs.
                                                                        Just about all of Vace's products, including their pizza, are good. (The crust leasn toward the thinner side.) The ingredients aren't as fresh as Amy's, but their pizzas are a lot less expensive and are seasoned and baked properly.
                                                                        Pizza Paradisio was also good but I haven't been there in years.
                                                                        Ledos is sugary and inedible, Vince&Dominics is pretty bad, and Mama Luccias is OK .
                                                                        Most places with a wood-burning oven and thin crusts will be pretty good. For example, a couple places downtown and Riccuiti's in Olney.

                                                                        4 Replies
                                                                        1. re: foodcheck

                                                                          Agree about 2 Amys. Been twice and both times I've been like, it's alright, but the pricepoint is high and the pie just meh. And if I wanted to eat pizza in a nursery, I could do that cheaper elsewhere.

                                                                          And also, Ledo's chain stores are completely inedible. But the original Langley location is good; the sauce is sweet but the thick pepperoni and provolone are salty enough to offset the sweetness of the sauce.

                                                                          1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                                            Haven't had Ledo's at the original location in many years. I remember it as quite good, not like the other locations, but my tastes (or they) may have changed.

                                                                          2. re: foodcheck

                                                                            "I really wonder about the objectivity and integrity of many of the most popular food critics here"

                                                                            You're right, everyone who disagrees with you is secretly on the take with 2 Amys. We don't get paid money, but we receive free toppings.

                                                                            Feel better now?

                                                                            1. re: Steve

                                                                              Shhh. Don't say anyting more or its cement shoes for you.

                                                                          3. Pete and Eldas? More of a Vic's or Squan Tavern fan myself.

                                                                            Pomodoro in Fairfax beats Tony's hands down.

                                                                            1. Nest.
                                                                              It is excellent...

                                                                              1. I know its a bit far but if you're ever in Baltimore Iggies is excellent. They use very creative topping combinations such as duck, goat cheese, and asparagus. Also its BYOB with no corkage fee which is pretty rare in the DC metro area.

                                                                                1. Might be an odd pick, but Potenza (downtown DC) has the thinnest crust I've ever eaten. If the crust is bent, it can crack like a cracker.

                                                                                  1430 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

                                                                                  1. Late to the discussion, but - Fortunately, since this first came up, there has been A LOT of progress in this area, in terms of quality pizza - paradiso, ella's, mamma Lucia, etc. - and at least over the years there have been places like Vace, which does make a good thin crust pie. The chain restaurant Bertucci's makes an authentic Neopolitan pie which I like - other good pizzas there as well. Everyone has their own particular places they like - I shake my head at places that friends who are natives of the area say they like best - Ledo, Vince and Domencis - but if I grew up in this area and that's what I was used to, I guess those would be my favorites.

                                                                                    1. I grew up near in NJ and have many cheap 'i ate the whole pie' shirts from pete and eldas. i would check out sorisso - they have thin crisp crust.

                                                                                      1. Many of the area pizza restaurants are wildly inconsistent. Ive had both great and lousy pies at 2 Amy's. Same for Pizzaria Paradiso. The pie I had at Matchbox barely had any sauce or cheese on it. Mamma Luccia is good depending on which location you go to. Ledo's is "kids" pizza. For some reason, they like it even though I find it inedible. Italian Store is good for a big, oily, sloppy NY-Style pie. I used to like Faccia Luna in Clarendon but I agree that they now oversalt their slices. Piaola's in Rosslyn doesnt get much press but they've been consistently good.

                                                                                        3 Replies
                                                                                        1. re: ciaoda

                                                                                          Consistency has never been a problem for me at Valentinos.

                                                                                          1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                                                            Consistently good or consistently poor? I rather like their pizza but since I'm by myself I just get a slice or two. Consistently, I have to ask for it to be heated a little longer than usual. Otherwise it's just luke warm and I like it hotter than that.

                                                                                            1. re: MikeR

                                                                                              I can't speak for slices, since I always get the large, but it's been consistently good. I only get a plain or a pepperoni. I can't imagine the loaded pies holding up well under all those toppings.

                                                                                              The Brabo Tasting Room offers savory "tarts" that are basically flatbreads topped with various vegetables and meats and slipped into their woodfired oven. Didn't care for the soft cheese, but the crust had a nice crispy bite, and they carry some excellent wines for pairing.

                                                                                        2. I recently went here http://www.seventhhill.com/
                                                                                          we had 2 pizzas and a sandwich w/the roll being made of pizza dough and cooked to order. they have a small beer and wine list as well. I thought it was fantastic and will be planning on picking up the girlfriend in capitol hill more often.

                                                                                          1. No, there is no pizza in the DC area comparable to a Jersey thin crust.

                                                                                            Best pizza in the area as mentioned above is Cafe Pizzialo in Del Ray and Crystal City, Vace, Two Amy's, Pizza Paridiso, and The Italian Store.

                                                                                            6 Replies
                                                                                            1. re: Sean Scully

                                                                                              I've had great pizza at Vace in bethesda and just plain AWFUL pizza at Vace in D.C., the D.C. Vace pizza puts the cheese on first so it's underneath a ton of soupy tomato sauce - I don't know why the two locations do it differently, but after multiple bad experiences at the Vace in D.C. I'll never go back.

                                                                                              1. re: beauxgoris

                                                                                                Vace is one of the few pizzas I'll eat that's not thin crust. Every pie I've had there has been exceptional, and I don't mind the sauce on top style. They do a great job with onions, greek olives, and red peppers. A potent combo to be sure.

                                                                                                But if you just get a slice reheated, it's not great.

                                                                                                1. re: Steve

                                                                                                  There is a little place in Middleburg Va, of all places that has a nice New York style thin crust. Run by an Italian family from New York. They even sell their own Italian dressing to go. Nothing upscale but a nice pie indeed. I just can't remember the name but it is off the main drag in a little house that backs up to a road that runs parallel to rt. 50 on the south side of Middleburg one block off of main street.

                                                                                                  1. re: keithlb1

                                                                                                    I looked it up. It seems you are talking about Teddy's Pizza.

                                                                                                    1. re: Steve

                                                                                                      Yes you are correct
                                                                                                      I love the fact that I would never expect to find a pizzeria like this in Middleburg.
                                                                                                      But good pizza has a place everywhere.

                                                                                                      1. re: keithlb1

                                                                                                        Teddy's is pretty good -- it's one of our semi-secret local favorites. I think we found it by accident. NB: When there's an event in Middleburg, Teddy's fills up pretty fast.

                                                                                                        Also on Federal Street is Mello-Out, which has great hot chocolate and homemade marshmellows, among other sweet treats. The perfect stop after pizza at Teddy's.

                                                                                            2. This isn't the DC area, per se, but depending on where you live in DC it may not be too far. Baltimore has a place called Joe Squared. Their crust is what you are looking for (and I have been to Pete and Elda's!). There is also a place called Iggies here in Baltimore. Their crust is slightly less thin (although still thin and crisp). Both places are really great (fresh topics, local produce and meats, etc).

                                                                                              1. 7th Hill!!!! Couldn't get pizza this good in NYC or even Italy!!!!!!!! Try the licoln park w pesto...yummmmmmmm!!!

                                                                                                1 Reply
                                                                                                1. re: Eat It

                                                                                                  I too have many "I ate a whole pie" T-Shirts from Pete and Elda's. In fact, for those foodies, pizza fans and athletes alike, I will be conducting and participating in the first annual "Jersey Double". Run the New Jersey Half Marathon (2 May 2010) followed by a 'victory' Pete and Elda's XXL and a pitcher of beer. Any takers?

                                                                                                2. Back to the subject, and on to Joe Squared, I cannot support Joe Squared being comparable to "traditional" thin crust pizza of the same ilk as Pete and Elda's. The crust, while thin, crispy and never soggy, is sourdough not traditional pizza dough giving it a not bad, but different characteristic that still makes me have to drive 200 miles for my pizza pilgrimage.