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Feb 3, 2009 06:20 AM

Restaurant in Asheville, NC for Mom's 60th Birthday

We are having a family get together this Saturday to celebrate my mother in law's 60th...Looking for a place that will suite foodies, picky eaters (only eat chicken), and 4 kids 7 and under...Needs to have good ambiance but not too stuffy. When I look up family friendly restaurants I only get chains listed so ...anyone up to the challenge?!
Thanks in advance.

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  1. how many people total? lunch or dinner?

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    1. re: danna

      6 adults, 4 kids for dinner but would consider lunch

    2. I don't live near Asheville and have only eaten at a handful or two of the many restaurants there. But I have had good experiences at Pomodoros Greek and Italian Restaurant, east of downtown. Good parking, and though I don't know how family friendly it is from experience, I would guess that it would fit the bill. Good pizza so I hear, so that usually works for kids. I prefer the traditional entrees which includes several chicken dishes. Not at all stuffy, and I think it has a nice ambience. Wine, beer, and mixed drinks are served, if that is a consideration. Check out the menu:
      Maybe someone from Asheville with better familiarity can comment. I have eaten there about 6-10 times and never been dissapointed. It can get crowded, I believe, especially Saturdays. They apparantly take reservations on-line. There is a new location I have not tried.
      Good Luck

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        Pomodoro's and Stoney Knob (not quite Weaverville on Merrimon Ave) would be my picks. Saturdays are pretty busy though...lunch or dinner?

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          I'd second Stoney Knob...I think it would fit your needs perfectly.

      2. I agree Pomodoros is a good choice. Kids tend to love Ichiban (they cook in front of you) and they have decent Sushi. Not the best food (typical hibachi) but very entertaining. Wait staff is normally not very good but all they bring you is drinks, soup, and salad, the cook does the rest.


          hungryhobo, This link might be helpful. I wish I could convince everyone everywhere to experience the Grove Park Inn's brunch buffet but I don't think it is what you are looking for this time. I hope your mother-in-law has a wonderful birthday!

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            My in-laws loved the GPI brunch buffet. It's not brilliant (for the foodies) but it's not bad and really seems to be better quality for the money than other things I've had at GPI. You could explore the Inn might be a fun outing.

            I often recommend Zambra for parties...if you can get a guarantee of having one of the tables in the alcove area. It would be somewhat private, keep the kiddies out of the main part of the dining room, and it would certainly please the foodies. Not sure about the picky eaters, though...I can't recall see chicken on the menu, although i may not have noticed.