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Feb 3, 2009 05:50 AM

Russian high tea in a monastery, Harper Woods, MI

The Royal Eagle is operated by St. Sabbas Orthodox Monastery in Harper Woods, MI, about a half mile from the Detroit border. They appear to have created a serene six-acre space by enclosing the area between a pair of ranch houses on a side street. They serve dinner one day a week (Thursday), and a seven-course Russian tea once a week (Tuesday); we went to that, and it cost $20 a person, including tea. Courses included a borscht, some canapé-type snacks, and a chicken skewer with Bulgarian hot sauce. All were good. No menu (at least for the tea), but they do ask if you have food allergies. The location was the thing--a real slice of another world. Definitely Detroit's most unusual lunch experience!

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  1. Jim M - chowhound extraordinaire. Great find.

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      I have a dear friend who works downtown (at least for now--like everybody else, she's being laid off). We have gone out to lunch nearly every week for more than two years, trying to eat at a new place every time (the only repeat so far was Slows). People knock Detroit's food scene, but we've had very few bad meals, and we've met a lot of interesting people. My friend came from this part of the world, BTW, and gave thumbs up on the Royal Eagle.

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        I'm in the job crucible myself. If I land on my feet, I might find myself working downtown. Then, I'll go back and ref all your recs.