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Feb 3, 2009 05:24 AM

Pike Place Market in March?

I'm debating tagging along w/ a friend on a business trip. I've never been to Seattle before. The first thing that came to mind for stuff to do (I'd be touring alone during the day) was to enjoy Pike Place Market. I LOVE farmer's markets, but I wonder if there will be much going on in March? Whether due to crappy weather or out-of-season doldrums, would I be disappointed by this aspect of the trip? thanks.

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  1. The fresh local produce will be limited, but there's lots more to see and eat at the market! It might even be beginning to warm up in March, and we do occasionally have days without rain (or without much!) I enjoy the market more in the off season--I can't stand the crowds in the summer.

    After you do the Market, take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and visit the Bloedel Reserve --even in the rain, the gardens should be beautiful then.

    1. While the weather might not be the greatest, sometimes that's when it's the best to visit the market because you wont have to wade through crowds. I had some out of town friends go on a tour of the market ( and they really enjoyed the historical info, plus food samples on the tour.

      1. Oh, by all means, tag along with your friend and come to Seattle in March! Perfect time of year to visit Seattle and environs. In addition to long stalls of produce and arts and crafts, there's cheese at Beechers and outrageous curries and teas at World Spice Merchants and salmon and chips at Jack's Fish Spot counter and vanilla macaroons at 3 Girls Bakery and grilled artichokes at DiLaurenti's and french linen napkins at the original Sur La Table store and a Le Monde at the international newsstand and Pablo Neruda used poetery books at Left Bank Books and beautiful handmade quilts at Undercover Quilts). Pike Place will be bursting with tulips, daffodils and narcissus in March. If your visit will run over into a weekend, there are a number of lovely, smaller Farmer's Markets open year round that feature local growers - University market on Saturday, Ballard neighborhood on Sunday. The Pike Place Market area has a hundred nooks and crannies to explore, the Art Museum is nearby, and - hey - wait - the best reason to come to Seattle Monday through Friday - Salumi's will be open! Let us know if you come and I'll meet you for lunch at Jack's Fish Spot or Salumi if I can - I just made myself very hungry writing this post.

        P.S. A very, slow, deep inhale as you cross the threshold off of Western Avenue into World Spice Merchants on a cold, blustery March day is respiratory therapy at it's finest.

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          and The SpanishTable just down the stairs (and to your left) from the Market.

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            Salumi is closed Mondays. T-F 11:30 - 4

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              Anytime is a good time to come to Seattle!! And most of the Market is covered so even if it's raining you will enjoy. In addition to all the great suggestions above, you would also have a choice of some great restaurants to eat lunch or dinner (or both!). Place Pigalle, Matts, Maximilliens, Steelehead Diner....

          2. While it's true you'll miss the local produce, you'll also miss the mobs that come when the cruise ships start arriving, so that's good. There is always plenty of good things to see and eat at the Market but be aware it is not really a farmer's market (though in season, farmers do have stalls) but more of a European style market.

            We do have wonderful neighborhood farmer's markets, if you want to experience those. I would recommend the Ballard Farmer's Market if you are here on a Sunday.

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              How useful or interesting is the local produce to a tourist? I live in suburbs, and rarely buy produce at Pike Place - I just can't carry much back home with me on the bus! Instead I buy food to eat at the market (such as at the French bakery), and unusual items that are easy to take home.

            2. In the current economic environment, Pike Place Market should be enjoyable whenever you decide to visit. Sure summer will still be busier, but the crowds will be manageable compared to years when the economy is no problem. Enjoy Steelhead Diner, Place Pigalle, Matts, Chez Shea, Maximilliens and others places. You're hitting the Market on a very good year! Enjoy your stay, danna!

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                And if you don't want to spend that much money on a meal, buy a piroshky from the piroshky place or baklava from Turkish Delight a little farther north. We're local and we only go to the market in the winter to avoid the crowds.

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                  Understood we're both local, PAO. In this economy, there won't be any "CROWDS" no matter the season. Talk with any of the downtown hotel valet or concierge personnel. They'll tell you last summer was the worst since 2002. The summer of 2009 is dreaded by these folks. I'm an event planner and I hate seeing this happen to our city!