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Feb 3, 2009 04:11 AM

Winter Restaurant Week 2009

Hello folks,

I am planning to be a first timer this year to the restaurant week in boston in march. I havent found any participating restaurant listings or any other info about this. are there specific knowledge centers to tap into or should i rely on my most trusted source - foodies on this board?

i have a feeling i am jumping the gun a lil bit but its so exciting to be able to make it this year.....thank you for anything you might have to say.

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  1. From

    Boston Winter Restaurant Week 2009 will take place March 15-20 & 22-27 featuring 3-course lunches for $20.09 and 3-course dinners for $33.09.

    New this year: 2-course lunch option for $15.09—that’s an entree and plus either an appetizer or dessert. Plus many restaurants will be offering their Restaurant Week menus on Saturday as well. Check back mid February for the list of participating restaurants or enter your email address below to be alerted as soon as the list is available

    1. You can find the listing of restaurants (some with menus) here:

      Based on my previous RW experiences, Taranta, Lala Rokh, Pigalle, and Olives are standouts. Enjoy!

      1. Also, according to the official website:

        "American Express® Cardmembers have first dibs and can enjoy an exclusive early reservation period now through February 22, 2009 . . . Reserve your table now by calling the restaurants of your choice and mention any American Express Card."

        I would second Taranta or Lala Rokh to try and echo Pigalle and also Excelsior as great RW values. Other standouts for me have been Rialto and definitely, definitely Uni @ the Elliott Hotel.

        What makes RW a special is that its an opportunity to test some restaurants for significantly less than a normal 3-course dinner so I recommend taking that approach. Unfortunately, I feel some of those high-end prix-fixe menus are less impressive than the normal a la carte menus so I recommend viewing the menus first and choosing one that still seems like a good value for $33. Or, try to reserve ASAP at participating restaurants where you know you'd be spending more than $30 for dinner. And, of course, go with a friend and don't get the same thing!! : ) It always kills me when the table beside me chooses the same three dishes....

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        1. re: globalgourmand

          A 3-course dinner at Uni is maybe a few ounces or only a few half-bites of food. You will easily spend $75-$100 anyway and still need to hit the nearest pizza place because you're still hungry afterward. This place is way so ocerpriced and overrated.

          1. re: joebloe

            Joe, I can totally understand your point of view, and it is worth noting though I can't personally agree. I probably spend $75-100 on most RW bills anyhow-- two $33 menus, at least two glasses of wine, espresso and tip. So to try six unique preparations at Uni, whereby it is ordinarily so expensive (even overpriced,) I think that makes RW the perfect time to try it at least once. Even if the portions are small.

            If a diner's aim is not to be satiated in the stomach, but to be tantalized on the palate, I think it delivers, and so in such a case, I recommend. Otherwise, its true, a hounder could be happier elsewhere.

            For me, Uni offers a marriage of innovation and authenticity that works. I pick up real Japanese flavors in perfect execution, and techniques and combinations I never saw in my (Japanese) grandmother's kitchen. I have yet to find a similar experience at this caliber elsewhere in Boston. Perhaps with Grezzo in harmonizing vegan raw and fine dining?

          2. re: globalgourmand

            Excelsior is closed as of last Saturday, according to reports.

            1. re: Taralli

              Whaa? Thanks for the update. I wonder why...?

              We usually pick three restaurants every RW. So far my picks for RW Winter 2009 are L'Espalier, No. 9 Park, and one of the following:

              The Wine Cellar
              KO Prime (depending on their menu)


          3. I made a lunch reservation at L'espalier this year which I am looking forward to as I would never otherwise eat there.

            Maybe I had an exceptionally bad experience - but avoid Tremont 647 at all costs - at least during RW. Bad bad bad.

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            1. re: julieapfel

              Any idea what the menu is for L'Espalier? I work close by and want to do a work group but have picky eaters.

              1. re: julieapfel

                Funny, and Tremont647 was one of the better ones that my friend and I tried 2 summers ago, when we did some RW restaurant hopping. To each his own.

                1. re: julieapfel

                  Normally very good food and I eat there frequently. I wouldn't judge any restaurant (good or bad) based on RW since it simply is an entirely different experience from their normal dining experience.

                    1. re: cannedmilkandfruitypebbles

                      LOL. Rule#1 when developing web sites...turn off directory browsing :-)
                      Good one...

                      1. re: cannedmilkandfruitypebbles

                        Whoops! Yes GREAT work from "cannedmilk..." and scratch KO Prime off my list of possible restaurants-- as with previous years, not a prix-fixe menu I'd pay $35 for. Not anywhere.

                        1. re: globalgourmand

                          Actually, the RW menu at KO was quite good. We added some charcuterie, DC had the soup, I the salad (excellent) and both had the skirt steak which was well prepared, very tasty and a good portion. The dessert cake was, itself, non-stellar but the candied fruits and vanilla cream that accompanied it were excellent, averaging to good. I would not count them out of RW. We had wanted to try the place and it was a pleasant exposure.