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Feb 3, 2009 03:44 AM

Kosher In Tokyo


Does anyone here have current info on the possible opening of a Restauraunt at the Chabad House in Tokyo? I had heard that they were going to open one as soon as they moved into their new building in September...

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  1. Regarding the availability of kosher items in and around Tokyo, the mini mart at the JCC should have items for purchase and they do have in-house catering (under the supervision of the JCC rabbi), information regarding the kashrut standards of the JCC are available on its website.

    Outside of the JCC, one may be able to purchase items like H & H bagels at the international market nearby the JCC.

    Costco and other food co-ops also carry kosher certified items.

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      Actually, the Jewish Community Center of Tokyo is currently undergoing a make-over, so the structure which housed the kitchen is not open (see for details). Next, the JCC itself was not kosher according to standards for American kashrus, and the Orthodox community of Tokyo did not eat there. Several stores, including the CostCo, Mediya, Nissins, and National Azabu carry foreign products with heckshers. Finally, there IS a kosher restaurant in Japan called King Falafel in the Minami-Azabu neighborhood of Minato-ku, Tokyo. Pictures are details are available at

    2. I'm sort of confused. It seems that there are two Chabad's in Tokyo that are not at all associated with each other. -Seems to be a branch of the mothership - Looks like its a part of the Israeli hardcore messianic group. They claim that the Lubavitcher Rebbe sent them to Tokyo in 1999 (Didn't he pass away more than 6 years earlier?)...

      Can anyone vouch for the authenticity or Kashrus of the 2nd seemingly unauthorized Chabad in Tokyo? It seems that they run the kosher establishment there