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Feb 3, 2009 03:38 AM

Authentic Cubano- Cafecito

After my disappointing burger at Royale next door, I went back to Ave C to seek redemption at Cafecito. The croquetas de jamon were excellent, as good as I've had in Miami or from my Cuban mother-in-law. The cubano was very good, authentic ingredients and proportions, nicely grilled with plaintain chips on the side. I've had better cubanos but this one was very respectable. Has anyone tried their fritas (mini-Cuban style burgers)?

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  1. I've had their fritas...They reminded me of the burger at Pamplona. Have you ever had that? Greasy, flavorful and unique.

    1. GG - Did you know they are owned by the same guys? I am shocked you didnt like to burger at Royale. It is in my top 3. Why didnt you like it?

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        I loved it about a year ago when I first had it. Again, I got burned on the temperature which I think is unforgivable with a burger of this quality. Also, there is too much great burger competition in town to make mistakes but I'll give royale the benefit of the doubt. Are the owners Cuban?

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          They are not. They are jews from Queens mid 30s

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            I gotta disagree. I prefer Royale over Cafecito an day. I live next to them, and even though Royale's burguers someimes disappoint me (depending on who's on the grill, sometimes they overcook the burger) at least for me is a nice place around the corner to have a burger and a beer, while i just can't eat at cafecito, Ive been trying to like it since they opened because is near home but I find it very bland, especially tehir meets, the bistec de palomilla is chewy, their picadillo is not good either, their cuban sandwich is very uninteresting and expensive (i wouldn't compare them to cuban sandwiches in miami or puerto rico), I just haven had one dish I could eat once more. Their fritas are ok but as good as Royale's burger. It is very sad because this is manhattan but the truth is when I want good cuban food I need to go to the grocery and cook.

      2. I also found the Royale burger disappointing. I thought it was low quality meat, and a lot of hype.

        The bistec at Cafecito was tough when I ordered it, which meant wrestling with every bite so the meat would get yanked out of the whole sandwich. Maybe they do better with hamburger meat?