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Does anyone know where I can buy ankimo?

I know ankimo is bad for the environment and probably bad for me, but I'm planning a make your own sushi party in March. One of the requested items from the guests was ankimo, which doesn't show up all that often at Nijiya. So anyone know of a monkfish not in need of a liver? Or someplace in SF where I can buy some?

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  1. Sorry not San Francisco but reliable fish monger, Tokyo Fish Berkeley.

    1. Tokyo Fish had, 1 hour ago, a tube of prepared ankimo. They say they had the fresh yesterday. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that you had already bought it.

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        Not yet, but it is GREAT to know it is there. Definitely worth a trip across the bay. One guest is coming from Switzerland and is apparently ankimo, toro, and uni deprived. Anyway, I decided that it would be much more cost effective to do at home rather than try to keep up with her at a sushi bar.

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          TF is also good for toro, uni, and tobiko in colors. I think black for squid ink, orange for habanero, green for wasabi and red for kicks. The uni I saw today was dethorned on a tray, 1/4, 1/2 or full. Always call before making the perilous bridge crossing.

      2. Also Suruki (71 e 4th) in San Mateo has Uni and ankimo - again calling first might be a good idea. From my recent experience the uni now seems less sweet than normal (both from here and also restaurants) ? not the best season for uni (but still good)

        1. You may want to source your uni through catalinaop, at the source, though you have to tack on FedEx charges to ensure fresh delivery.


          1. Osprey Seafood in Napa carries it at times. They can also order it with advanced notice. They're one of the major suppliers of seafood to restaurants in the Bay Area but I'm unsure of another retail location besides Napa.

            1. Nijiya San Mateo on El Camino and 21st Ave. almost always has uni and ankimo, as well as several kinds of sashimi, including various fish slabs (fingers?) ready for you to cut into whatever thickness you desire.

              I believe Nijiya has stores in Japantown in the city, as well as further down the peninsula.

              1. Nijiya in San Francisco has it every time I go, I just bought fresh ankimo yesterday. If they do not have it on the floor, I ask an employee, they have it in the back. Tokio fish market has it very rarely.

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                  Seconding this, I always see it at Japantown Nijiya.

                2. Are you asking about fresh one or cooked?

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                    I'm open to both fresh or cooked. Usually when I get to Nijiya after work, the sushi selection has mostly been picked over by the more on the ball housewives. i may just go to tokyo fish just because I'm curious.

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                      Your curiosity will be well rewarded, but call first.

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                        definitely go there to buy fish. there is wide variety of fresh beautiful sushi grade fish. do not forget wasabi seasoned tobico caviar- nice compliment to the fish.at Berkeley bowl in frozen section next to fish counter you will find frozen limu -Hawaiian kelp, if you gonna make poke-kind of salad, they also have squid ink. fresh wasabi (if you interested) - Nijiya

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                        just another update - I arrived last night just before Nijiya's 8pm close, with several packs of fresh ankimo still remaining.

                        I've recently seen it stocked virtually every time I go, though that wasn't the case a few months ago.

                    2. Wanted to thank people for the Tokyo Fish tip. The fish was excellent quality and I would've been well under budget if I hadn't lost my head and bought a whole geoduck. The ankimo was a big hit.