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Feb 2, 2009 10:24 PM

Good stuff happening in the US: Iowa Prosciutto

NY Times article:

Also, Ruhlman's commentary:

We beat up American tastes so often - it's good to see something like this happening here.

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  1. I have purhcased La Quercia's prosciutto and agree that it tasted quite fine. To me it tasted closer to prosciutto san danielle than di parma. However, the price is definitely high in the sense that it causes just as much as (if more expensive than) Italian's imported prosciutto.

    I also got their lardo and it was fanastic!

    1. It tastes fine, but honestly, it's not as good as and it costs more than prosciutto di parma.

      I would say it it just tastes "less," like the way commercial chickens just taste "less" than free range chickens, or commercial pork tastes "less" than anything pork should taste like.

      I haven't seen lardo, speck, coppa, or guanciale from them, and I would love to, just because my local source is way too darn busy.

      1. I've got to agree. The prosciutto I've tried is good stuff but definitely different than Italian.

        1. It's good idea, but the article says the pigs are fed corn and soybeans. I've read that the pigs in Parma are fed the whey left over from making Parmesan. I assume that would affect the flavor.