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Feb 2, 2009 10:00 PM

(Uighur) Food in Chaoyang?

I will be staying at the Great Wall Sheraton in Chaoyang District tomorrow (Wednesday) night, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what to eat. I'm thinking of going to Baoyuan Dumpling house for lunch on Thursday, and was planning to look for Uighur (Xinjiang) food on Wednesday night, the problem being I'm not sure where to go.

I've been to the Red Rose Restaurant for lunch and wasn't that impressed. The food was pretty bland and service was pretty hostile. I can work around the second, but the first is kind of hard to fix.

I liked the kebab stand in the alley in front of the electronics market (Qi Cai Shi Jie) off NuRen Jie, but it's just kebabs and some baked bread. I'm thinking of maybe eating roast meat, plov (shou zhua fan), da pan ji, etc. The guys at the kebab stand recommended that I go to the Xinjiang rep office in Beijing, which is a pretty long hike from the hotel.

Any thoughts on closer-by options? I'm willing to eat non-Uighur food too.


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  1. Here's a list of Muslim/Xinjiang restaurants in Beijing with mini-reviews:

    1. I'm not sure what your transportation situation is, but I would recommend venturing toward 魏公村; Wèigōngcūn at
      中央民族大学-- Zhōngyāng Mínzú Dàxúe -- The "Minorities University"--
      and seeking Uighur there.
      Also look at

      If you walk out of the hotel and hop onto the subway at either LiangMaQiao [5 min walk to the West] or the Beijing Agricultural Center [5 min walk to the East] and ride West to the HaiDian station you'll be "generically" in the area.

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          1. Here's Google-translated portal to's Beijing's listings. If you click through this sequence:

            Top Business District:All business areas/
            Chaoyang District/
            All Categories: Xinjiang Halal/

            you will get a user-ranked list of over 100 establishments. The info may look a little goofy due to the machine translation, but you can generally get the gist of it. Click on any establishment's name for comments, a map of its location and pictures.

            If you play around with it, you can also sort by other cuisines, subway stop, etc.