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Feb 2, 2009 08:48 PM

Recent resto closures - Edmonton

Sad to say that in the past week I've noticed two restaurant closures in Edmonton: Grandma D's in the west end (they expanded just last year, but when we visited tonight there was a sign stating they closed for good in early January).

Also: La Tapa downtown closed in late December. Only noticed this this week when driving past. Perhaps due to constant staff shortages? On a visit earlier in the year, the owner/manager mentioned he had to turn people away because he didn't have staff to cater to them.

It is a little bit farther back (November?), but Jewel of Kashmir on Calgary Trail South has also been lost. There was some non descript looking chinese place in there now.

On the other hand, some recent openings include Sabor Divino ("european") downtown and Sabzy (health/Persian) on Whyte Avenue. Seems to be more closing than opening in this town lately though. :-(

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  1. I've noticed other closures/transfer too.

    The Mill (off Whyte) which I really loved turned into some 'all you can eat' sushi place. Very sad.

    Dawaat on 34th Ave has changed names again - not sure how different the new incarnation is.

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    1. re: egirlwonder

      don't forget Il Portico closed down too....

      openings: Bisteca, 100

      1. re: egirlwonder

        What's the new name of the sushi place?

        1. re: egirlwonder

          I'm pretty sure if my memory serves me right from my drive by, The old Dawaat spot is now called Little India.

        2. Anyone know if Le Table de Renior is closed for good or still planning on opening? I know when it first shut people said it would be back, but I haven't heard anything since. I loved that place....

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            I suspect we may be out of luck. The last time I spoke with Monsieur Renoir there was an intention to re-open but that was back before Xmas. I see that his framing shop has since closed as well.

            Tough time to raise cash to finance a restaurant I suspect.

            1. re: Bob Mac

              Another closure that I had forgotten about - Jewel of Kashmir on Calgary Trail closed down and is now a lame-sounding "unforgettable dim sum restaurant" (or something like that).

              1. re: egirlwonder

                Yikes - and another... Charles Smart Donnair seems totally closed. Some kind of board up on the front window, no one working there at any time of day.
                Not sure if they'll be tearing down the building given that the other tenant has been vacant for years.
                I've always hoped for a Timmies in this part of town - would make my morning commute much more enjoyable ;)

                1. re: egirlwonder

                  Do you mean the one at the corner of Whyte Ave and 91 st ? That place was an I think they were making the donair meat for themselves and others in the adjacent suite.

                  1. re: cdnprairiedog

                    I was surprised a couple of weeks back when I drove by and noticed it boarded up. I don't think I've visited CS in a decade or more, but I thought it was a favorite for enough people..enough to survive this long. Who knows.

                2. re: egirlwonder

                  Unforgettable opened up in January and is actually a FANTASTIC new Chinese restaurant with many modern dishes straight from Hong Kong... I would thoroughly recommend it if you want to try some more modernized Chinese food!

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      I'm not exactly sure the address but it is on Calgary Trail south and approx. 72 or 73 ave. Their sign is small so it's easy to miss, but it's on the left hand side of the road.

                      1. re: kashirat

                        According to the Yellow Pages on the web:

                        Unforgettable Chinese Restaurant
                        7219 104 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4B8
                        Telephone : 780-431-0220

                      2. re: cleopatra999

                        right across from Strathcona High school parking.

                      3. re: kashirat

                        What's the price like in Unforgettable? Closer to Golden Rice Bowl or Buddy Seafood restaurant?

                      4. re: egirlwonder

                        I haven't eaten there but my mom's ping poing group go there. if its good enough for the old foggies it's good enough for me. ( I haven't tried it yet)

                        as for the lame sounding name.... Chinese translations never go well. If anything, you remember it because it's so lame sounding LOL

                  1. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Sweet Mango (across the street from Charles Smart). The parking lot was always full when ever I drove by and the last couple of times it has been completely empty? I kept intending to go but havnt had a chance yet....did I miss the boat??

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                    1. re: Bellavino

                      don't know about whether it is still open, but we went there when it first opened and were not impressed by anything other than a 'hipper' atmosphere. They were trying to be trendy, but with the same old vietnamese food and crappy service. We did not intend on going back. Maybe others felt this way and it is finally showing.

                      1. re: cleopatra999

                        I was wondering what 'modern fusion Vietnamese' was. Not wondering enough to go I guess, so it's nice to hear it isn't anything I've been missing.

                        1. re: cleopatra999

                          We had the same experience, nice atmosphere, poor food. No loss if it is gone.

                      2. Churros King on Whyte avenue seems to have closed as well...sad to see it go!

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                        1. Looks like La Tapa is being turned into an Indian resto.

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                          1. re: kazzy

                            Walked past it yesterday and signs were up.

                            Karma Indian Bistro - Indian cuisine and wine bar
                            Lunch buffets Mon - Sat
                            Opening April 9