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Feb 2, 2009 08:33 PM

ISO Best Sacramento Chinese

Review of this board indicate that some of the long-standing favorite Sacramento Chinese restaurants include: New Canton, Mandarin, King Palace, Jumbo Seafood, and Ocean King.
If you were to list your favorite five Chinese restaurants today, what would you add or subtract from this list?

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  1. New Canton (high end Cantonese, dim sum)
    New Hong Kong Wok (mid range Cantonese, won ton soup noodle)
    New Lai Wah (aka The Kitchen, innovative Cantonese)
    Macau Cafe (4406 Del Rio Rd, Macanese, Hong Kong cafe)
    CF Cheng (2063 Arena Blvd #140, mid range Cantonese)

    Golden Dragon (4800 Granite Drive, Rocklin, authentic Szechuan)

    New Canton Restaurant
    2523 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

    New Hong Kong Wok
    5019 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822

    Lai Wah Restaurant
    5912 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822

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      Experienced New Lai Wah last night. Our party of 3 ordered hot & sour soup, honey walnut prawns, stir-fry rib eye steak cubes with mixed mushrooms, , stir-fry BBQ pork with snow peas, shrimp fried rice, and tomato beef hong kong style. Very tasty and generous portions. Very satisfying meal. The bill was approximately $50.00. The standout dishes were the rib eye steak cubes, the pork with snow peas, and the tomato beef.

      New Hong Kong Wok is already in our rotation, and I look forward to trying the others on your list. Thanks.

    2. Golden Dragon Chinese WOW!

      Following several recommendations we made the drive to the Golden Dragon in Rocklin for lunch today. The waitperson ,who I assume, is the co owner gave us a lunch menu. I asked for the Szechuan menu. She returned with a larger menu but this one was the regular menu. A third try got us the "Special Menu". Be sure to ask for it by that name and there will be no problem.

      We ordered the spice dumplings Sichuan style, double cooked pork dry bean curd, and the tea smoked duck. All the dishes were fantastic. The noodles of the dumplings were the softest I have ever eaten. The tea smoked duck was tender and had a smokiness that you have to experience. The double cooked pork was ordered on the recommendation of the owner. She said it was her favorite and indeed it was good.

      The service was also very friendly. The owner's English is far from fluent, but she loves to talk about each dish and is an extremely charming person. She also asked us what degree of hotness we wanted. We opted for a 8 out of 10 and it was perfect. She stopped by to inquire about the heat and said that she believes that if it is too hot it overpowers the flavor. I tend to agree with her.

      When we left she gave us a paper take out "Special Menu" which she checked off the dishes we ordered and told us that when we returned she would recommend other ones that we would like.

      This restaurant would be must eat at even in the Bay Area, but in Rocklin it is an unbelievable find.