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Feb 2, 2009 07:35 PM

Help! A birthday dinner with friends in Santa Rosa?

I've lived in Santa Rosa for 15 years but I rarely eat out for dinner and when I do it's usually Applebees, Adels or Lyons or Jhanthong Banbua(favorite). I want to invite a big group of friends (about 12) out to a place we can all afford (range of $8-$12 per plate). They don't like Thai or Japanese unfortunately, and Flavor is too expensive. I want something other than Pizza. Driving to Petaluma or cities surrounding Santa Rosa is OK.
I hope I'm not asking for too much. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. you may want to check Volpi's in Petaluma. It's got lots of atmosphere and has basic Italian fare, with some more adventurous offerings. I don't think anything is as inexpensive as $8 though.

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      Thanks! I'll check it out. Perhaps $8 is too inexpensive. $12-$15 is more reasonable right?
      Can anyone suggest anywhere else?

    2. I think you could stay within your budget and find something for almost everyone at Redwood Cafe, in Cotati. You line up and order at the counter, and then they bring the food to your table. Lots of sandwiches, fresh salads, wraps, some interesting mains, lots of vegetarian options, and a small but decent selection of wine and beer. Everyone I have taken there has found something to love. The atmosphere is certainly casual, but unique to Cotati and fun.

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        That sounds great. Thanks. Sounds like a lunch place though. Do they do dinner too?

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          Yes, they are open for dinner (breakfast and lunch too). We took my fussy brother in law, and he loved it so much he asked for the chef to come out so he could compliment him. I think he was a little surprised that the chef was so tatooed and pierced, but he still loved the Thai chicken wrap enough to praise it to the chef!

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            Redwood Cafe Coffee House & Grill
            8240 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931

      2. You might want to check out my report on The Humble Pie in Penngrove (click on the blue-colored Places link below to find it). The dining room side is very cute. The night I was there, a table of 8 and a table of 6 were set up for a large group. It's small so you'd have it all to yourself, only two other smaller tables. You could start off with a no-host beer reception in the funky Black Cat Bar and then segue to dinner. Vegetarian and meated options, several small plates, pizza ($5 for a big square slice), and entrees top out at $18.

        P.S. You could bring an extra bra, have your friends all autograph it and then tack it on the ceiling of the bar.

        The Humble Pie

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          The Humble Pie sounds perfect. I'm going to go check it out asap. Unfortunately I didn't mention that the only evening all my friends can get off work is a Sunday evening. Bummer.