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Feb 2, 2009 07:34 PM

What's happened to Lafayette Pastry?

Has anyone been there lately? I just read that the owner is featuring what he calls "drunken negro cookies" (unflattering exaggerated cookie portraits) in "honor" or Obama's inauguration.
So the special trip I was planning to make there for pastries for a brunch is out. I think the guy sounds either desperate or insane...

So.. Can anyone suggest alternatives for authentic French pastry in the Village/Chelsea area? The guy is not getting my business any more.

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  1. Have a look here:

    "Are there any authentic French patisseries in the city?"

    The thread doesn't specifically focus on one area of Manhattan, but I'm sure the discussion will be helpful to you.

    For the record, the only thing I used to like at Lafayette was their rum balls, some years ago.

    1. regardless of his actions, his pastries aren't that great or authentic anyway.

      i had actually written him off back in november when a colleague and i went there to scope out some cookies for our office halloween party. his mother is kinda senile but really sweet and accidentally under-charged us. he then spent the next 10 minutes complaining about his mother, blaming everything from not making enough money to not having a girlfriend on her.

      anyone, i'd have to say he's insane.