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Feb 2, 2009 07:26 PM

Best Danbury restaurant? (asian)

I'm going to danbury for valentine's day & I want to find a great place to take my bf and another couple. Only issue is that most danbury posts are from at least 3 years ago & I'm getting nervous with this recession if some of these places are still open... The people I'm going with will definitally prefer asian & sushi, but if there is an amazing brazilian or some other type of resteraunt that we absolutely should not miss, I'm sure I could do some persuading.


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  1. Hi,
    I like Panda on Mill Plain Rd, closed to exit 2. The food is fresh and well prepared. The have good Sushi as well. I am not saying the place is amazing or anything, but it is the best Chinese in the area.

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      i second that. panda house has very good sushi. i also like their sesame chicken dish and udon.

      1. re: applesauce23

        You might want to try Hanna Mideastern Restaurant. The place has no atmosphere, but the food is excellent. The prices are reasonable.

    2. For sushi I like Kabuki on Mill Plain Road, it's close to exit 4 from 84, its a sushi / hibachi place and the fish always looks fresh, they have the hibachi side and bento boxes as well. I had the churrassco (Brazilian BBQ) at Serra Dourada once, it was pretty good although the meat never seemed to stop coming and its easy to overload (off Newtown Road Exit 8)

      Kabuki Japanese Steak House
      39 Lake Avenue Ext, Danbury, CT 06811