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Feb 2, 2009 07:05 PM

One Meal in City of San Francisco

If you could have just one meal in the city of San Francisco (no going outside the city), what would you be eating and at what restaurant would you be eating it at?

Also, do we need to make reservations to eat there during the early part of the week?

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  1. It really would depend on the time of day and what I was hungry for.

    Which meal are you planning to eat? What do you like? Can you describe
    the experience you're looking for? Have you read the FAQ:

    1. Thanks Chuckles.
      I did read the FAQ. Unfortunately, I rarely have cravings or set parameters. Always interested in either what's good or what's unique or truly local.

      I think I stumbled on what's good during that trip. Ended up eating at Gary Danko's. Terrific wine list (although who in SF doesn;t have a terrific list).

      The White Winter Root Vegetable Soup with Duck Confit Terrine, Porcini Emulsion
      and Black Truffles was the perfect start to the evening. The Branzini was surrounded by a good balance between navel oranges, fennel puree and nicoise olives.

      Phenomenal cheese plate- excellent variety, to finish the meal.

      My companions loved the foie gras.

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        Thanks for reporting back though you didn't get a response

        Gary Danko
        800 N Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109