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Feb 2, 2009 06:08 PM

North Scottsdale Ice Tango closed!

Too bad, but business definitely dropped with the economy. And so many yogurt places have opened all over the place. I hear their Hilton Village location is doing really well, and they are opening a new place in downtown Scottsdale as well.

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  1. They were the ones that brought the tart yogurt to Scottsdale, and for that I am thankful. Now there are at least three places nearby that have tart, and two of them are do-it-yourself. After going to the self-serve places, I never want to go back to ones where they serve it for you.

    I could do this in a separate post, but since this is yogurt related...I stopped by the new FreshBerry on 90th and Via Linda (right by Andreoli's) today. They have four flavors, and it's not self-serve. When I was there, they had tart, vanilla, choc, and strawberry. The tart wasn't even was like halfway tart but with a strange sweetness. It was creamy too...but Ice Tango had a creamy tart that was about 1000x better than this. Every tart I've tried was a LOT better than this one, actually. It was the best flavor out of the four though, and I really wanted yogurt, so I decided to just get a small tart. It came with three toppings and it was $4.26. It was tiny!! I'm pretty sure there were like three pieces of each fruit that they put on the yogurt...they're stingy with their toppings, but at that price I'd expect a little more! At Yogurtology and Yogurt Builderz you can get so much more for that price, and the yogurt at both is better (though I prefer Yogurtology's tart flavors and their toppings). Overall, I'd say FreshBerry is very skip-able. You won't be missing out if you don't try it!

    1. Damn, that's really too bad.

      I'm pretty surprised. I haven't been there in the past few months, but for a while everytime I went they seemed to be getting quite a bit of business. I really enjoyed their yogurt and loved having it close to me. It's particularly confusing since last time I went to Yogurtology there were ~30 people crammed into the small was complete chaos (note: prepared for you: 1, do-it-yourself: 0). While I like Yogurtology, the only tangy flavor I've seen there is just "original" which isn't enough to make up for the loss of the selection Ice Tango offered. Shame.

      1. I loved Ice Tango's tart flavor (and a watermelon flavor they had for a short time was delicious) but their teenage staff is so rude I stopped patronizing...

        1. The location at N.Sco had taken over a failed/closed coldstone location....(and it's kinda hard for coldstone to fail) so i'm guessing it has something to do with the local population? Down south we eat so much IceTango that they ran out of spoons last night!

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            That, and an iffy location, tucked away in a small space in a large strip mall anchored by Target. It may have just not received enough attention from people driving by. Then again, the hawaiian bbq place next to it has managed to stay up-and-running for much longer that I would have ever expected it to.