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Feb 2, 2009 04:43 PM

frying: dry vs wet coating

Fried some skate tonight. Season flour coating. For chicken, fish and other items, what is your favorite coating (wet or dry) and why?

I'm mostly a dry unless I do tempora but my tempora turns out good but not great. Fried chicken and fish, I go for dry coating.

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  1. It really depends on the type of fry that I'm doing (sautee vs. a deep-fry) For saute, I usually do the flour/egg/crumb thing or just seasoned flour, but for a deep fry there's nothing like a good beer or buttermilk batter for fryin' up a mess-o-fish or southern style chicken. Don't know how a chix would deep fry with just a flour coating...anyone tried it? How could it be bad; it's FRIED!!! Adam

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      when you deep fry chicken with just flour coating, the flour must don't fry it immediately. my mom was from the Deep South and was known for her fried chicken and fish and she only used dry coatings.

      1. re: adamshoe

        I did deep-fried chicken gizzards with an egg wash + dry flour coating a few weeks ago. Let the coating set for 30 minutes. The results were disappointing, sadly, nothing like I remembered from home.

        Of course, I still ate everything, because after all, like you said, it was FRIED.

        1. re: DeppityDawg

          I am curious about the gizzard texture. They can be really chewy if briefly cooked, such as (I am guessing here) with deep frying. Is this considered desirable? (Because I find it yucky) Please remedy my gizzard related ignorance.

          1. re: Louise

            That was the other thing. I followed a recipe that said to boil them first (10 minutes) to guarantee tenderness. It did not. I mean, I think it probably would have, but then the problem with the batter led me to fry the suckers for too long, and so they dried out. Not chewy, but hard, and with a pasty floury shell.

            Ugh. Let me know if you have better luck. The good thing is, (1) they're cheap, and (2) I'll eat anything anyway.