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Feb 2, 2009 04:32 PM

Boom? More like Dud

After reading many posts on this board about how great this place is, i just had to go. You can probably tell by the title, I was less than impressed.

By now we all know what the place is about, the decor, Pat LaFrieda, etc. etc...

So, on to the show. My DW and I were 2 of 12 people there, so its not crazy busy. We decided on the lamb burger and classic, medium and rare respectfully. After finding out they had no wings(apparently too busy from Super Bowl; imagine, selling wings on Super Bowl Sunday???) we decided on the nachos.

The nachos came out to us, multi-colored, nicely chopped fresh onions and scallions, beans, cheese, chili and a few pickled jalapenos as a crown. Looks were deceiving. The chili had zero flavor to it. There wasn't much cheese. They barely layered the dish(if you are going to serve "tall" nachos, please put toppings every few layers). I swear we used half the salt shaker to get some flavor into it. Overall, not great, not horrible for $7.

So, the burgers come out. First, we always check the temperatures by prodding or cutting in half. Good thing we did as my lamb burger was definitely well done(ordered medium) and DW's Classic was medium rare at best(ordered rare, even asked for cold center). If you're focused on a single item done the best, shouldn't you and your cooks know the difference in temperatures. We may have cut some slack if the place was busy, but come on, 12 people. Now, the second part of the lamb burger was that it looked like a hockey puck, nearly half the size of the bun. I asked was this normal and the answer i got was "we portion all of our meat here."

The young lady took both away for new burgers. Again, I do not see the issue of time here and it took 15 to 20 minutes to get new burgers. Do they grind the meat as they need a burger?

While all this is happening, the owner is watching. He and the server converse by the kitchen but not softly enough to where I cannot hear them.

The new burgers arrive. My lamb, cooked more like medium well and hers still cooked more than she likes but we are hungry and decide to forgo another round. Both buns are cool to the touch(maybe intended, but we see obvious signs of heat on inside of bun). The classic burger is in dire need of seasoning and the lamb could have used more salt. Jersey Fries are frozen types but not horrible.

Why a Dud you ask? After reading so much about the owner and how he cares, he NEVER came to the table to apologize, inquire, or even recognize we had an issue. We were not looking for a freebie I assure you all. In fact, I hate that more than anything. This gentleman however, did nothing, literally. He and his staff watched Sports Center. We even saw the cook starring at us as we ate. Talk about uncomfortable.

We paid the bill and left. No one said thank you, goodbye, sorry, come and see us again, NOTHING. We even told the server the burgers were much better the second time around.

Usually I hold out to review a place after I have been there a few times but this was unacceptable. No, I am not a former employee, estranged family member or a sales person and have nothing against Boom. I hope they read this as they supposedly listen to their customers. I want to like this place, so much potential.

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  1. Hi gordonbourdian,
    Sorry to hear about your disenchanting Boom experience..
    I do like the fact that you wrote a detailed post about it...

    Perhaps the owner assumed you were both way happier with those 2nd burgers, and did'nt want to make a big issue ?
    I agree though , that it overall, it does feel nicer when they come by and check up on us!
    (whether we are sending our meals back or not...
    I like seeing active hands on management)

    I liked my burger a lot (real good meat, nice flavor)
    I hated the chocolate shake; it tasted more like some sort of iced chocolate concoction!
    And those "black and tan" onion rings did'nt do much for me....
    I attached a pic of the onion rings..

      1. re: frackit

        Thanks for your detailed review. When we went dh had ordered a well done burget but instead received a medium well burger with definite signs of pink showing which he did not want. We were the only ones in the place and did not understand why the cook got the order wrong but we did not say anything. DH also ordered a crab bisque soup was was delicious and served very hot. My main complaint was that I thought the sweet potato fries were over salted.

          1. Wasn't overally impressed with the burgers... Very greasy and way under seasoned! They can hit temps, but it is a restaurant! Fries & Wings are good...
            Nachos lame!

            1. I went there for the first time last week based on recommendations. I wasn't completely blown away but I will surely be back.

              + The bison burger was nice and juicy
              - Onions and mushrooms I ordered on it were sparse at best, as were the peppers
              + Sweet potato fries were solid, not the best, but solid
              - Waitress never asked how I wanted the meat cooked, guess I was lucky it came out pink and juicy
              + My wife's veggie burger was actually real good but the bun was too small
              + BYOB which was great to be able to bring some beers
              - Way too crowded and sitting close to front was freezing and felt like we were eating right on top of other tables
              + Owner/manager seemed friendly and apologetic that it was so crowded as they plan on expanding soon
              - Wait staff was young and really were a bit all over the place

              I will be back very soon as I think the burgers were off to a good start and the onion rings surely looked worth a try.

              I guess I had the highest of hopes hoping for a Mandalay Burger Bar in Vegas, which is the best of its kind that I have been to.

              Also note to Boom, land some ostrich. Please.

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              1. re: yankeefan

                I questioned the waitress as to why she didn't ask how I wanted my burger cooked. She explained to me what is printed on the bottom of the menu. "Our Burgers are cooked medium rare to medium unless otherwise requested!" Perhaps it should be on the top of the menu.

                1. re: wizard2

                  I also enjoyed my trip to Boom but I want blown described in many of teh reviews & that is a new place I give them a chance to work out their drawbacks...I hope they are reading these reviews......because if they dont make it thru the Summer Season in Belmar it will be hard to survive.
                  Accommodating the customer is essential.

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    When I was there on Friday it was actually packed which surprised me for a place in the winter in Belmar. Good to see but I fear what it will be like in the summer- I have a feeling I won't be there much in the summer.

                    Although the manager/owner (not sure) did mention that they bought the place next door I as mentioned and they would be expanding.

                    In addition to my request for ostrich, a seafood option would be great.

                    1. re: yankeefan

                      Is this the place owned by Richard Blaise from Top Chef?

                      1. re: christine1438

                        No, Richard Blaise's place is in Atlanta: Flip Burger Boutique. BOOM uses the famed Pat LaFrieda Meats as its main supplier

              2. I've been to Boom too. You know what's wrong with the place?

                Nothing. Zero. They're in the 1st rank of burger places.

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                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  Bob I cant agree with nothing being wrong or the no need for improvement as every restaurant needs it in some way... .....Boom is definitly good & above average....but like Burgers, Hot dogs & Pizza it's so opinionated...some will love it, others will not as is with any food related topic. I enjoyed my Boom burger, I will go back again when in the area, is it my all time favorite.. no that title goes to the Corner Bistro on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village NYC.