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Feb 2, 2009 04:25 PM

eating on the later side in Napa?

We'll be arriving in Napa proper on a Friday night, probably around 10pm. Is there anywhere that will still be serving food at that time? I thought we couuld go to the lounge at the Farm at the Carneros Inn, but turns out they stop serving food at 10. Any ideas? I know Napa isn't exactly a late town, but figured I'd try.

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  1. Zuzu
    Ristorante Allegria
    Downtown Joe's

    1. Bounty Hunter


      I'd call to confirm. Lots of places (like FARM) shut earlier off season ... and with the bad economy more and more places are cutting back on the hours. Both the website and opentable for Farm still show the lounge closing at midnight

      If worse comes to worse there's Bouchon and Hurley's in Yountville about 10 miles away.

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        1. I really like Elements Enoteca on 2nd Street, and I think they're open till midnight weekends.

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            Yes, Elements is about the only place that stays open late in downtown Napa. But I'll second that reco, I have had a few outstanding meals there. The service can be a little iffy, however. It's either that or fast food. If Bounty Hunter is serving food until 11, which they used to do on weekends, the BBQ is stellar. (I also love their Reuben-a lot) Downtown Joe's food sucks except for wings and beer battered garlic fries.
            B. Mac

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              Your initial thought re Farm at The Carneros Inn may still be right. You may wish to see if they continue to serve dinner at the Bar to the later hours even after the restaurant area is closed during the off season. In general, you can get the full Farm dinner menu while sitting at the bar (vs. sitting in the lounge or outside near the fire). It's the only "urban-like" scene I know in Napa. Very fun. Don't give up!

          2. Thanks so much for the recommendations! Looks like we'll probably do Elements or Uva in Napa (though the person whose house we're staying at said Uva stops serving at 10, I guess I'll call) or Bouchon in Yountville. I'll report back!

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              Bouchon, for all its recent slips, is actually a blast at night. But sit at the wonderful zinc bar! (Really, truly, don't sit at a table then -- the bar is where it's at.)

              Local girl...