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Feb 2, 2009 04:04 PM

The Blanket-Statement Best Dim Sum in the Bay Area?

Disclaimer: I have had dim sum plenty of times, but I am coming at it from an entirely Vietnamese perspective (a.k.a. what Vietnamese people think is good).

I have had dim sum at:
ABC Restaurant (San Mateo + Milpitas, Weekend brunch);
China Village (Belmont, Weekday lunch);
Dynasty Seafood (San Jose, Weekend brunch);
Mayflower (Milpitas, both locations, weekend brunch);
Fu Lam Moon (Mountain View, weekday lunch);
A couple of places on Castro in Mountain View whose names have escaped me;

So, with that said, what is the best dim sum in the Bay Area? San Francisco, Oakland, Peninsula, South Bay, etc--what, in your opinion, is as good as it gets short of flying to Hong Kong?

I ask because I'm thoroughly confused by a lack of consensus on the subject. I feel like everyone has different taste when it comes to dim sum, so the idea that there could be a "bad" dim sum place is abundant, but what about the flip side? Please share your thoughts :)

(Funny enough, the best one to me was at the vegetarian place in Sunnyvale that is now closed, called Vegi Garden)

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  1. This thread suggests there is no consensus on which is best "here, there and everywhere."

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    1. re: wolfe

      Haha! I was looking for a thread like that. Evidently, I did not click through enough pages. And wow, that was posted on the 18th!

      I guess that proved my point. I'd love to keep that thread referenced for future use. Thanks for finding it!

    2. Although I have only had a few examples of fine Dim Sum, friends have related that their choice for quality would be: !. Yank Sing;2. Koi Palace and 3. Hong Kong Flower Lounge.
      They NEVER go on weekends, but only mid-week lunch. Best buys are in Chinatown and in include Four Seas, a small place on a side street off Grant where you go down stairs from the street and each is made to your order.