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An interactive dinner party where the guests cook?

I had this once before after I watched Michael Chiarello. He made mozzarella then ate it with different topping, everyone got involved I have had many parties ... make your own pizza, stuffed burger parties are a lot of fun. Panini or sandwich parties, also some where I get people involved in making deserts, also stuffed breads, baquettes and I am looking for other ideas. I do the lobster pot where everyone get involved picking out their own seafood.

Any suggestions?

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      Like, done that once, but thank you for reminding me. It is alot of fun We even wrote name on the skewers and colored the tops put people took each others, lol. Too bad for them, :)

    2. Raclette parties can be fun.

      1. I invited handful of friends over last year and we made scones, finger sandwiches and had ourselves a proper tea!

        1. I've never done this, but I know people who have had sushi-making parties.

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            I thought of that. I have made sushi, takes a bit of precision slicing and a bit of patience, but it was fun. My biggest problem is there sometimes may be 10 or maybe 30 guests. But love all the ideas

          2. What about stuff-your-own ravioli or samosa party?

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              Fun, I love making ravioli and with wontons or even pre made ravioli strips it takes alot of stress away.

              It can be alot of fun and cooking time is very quick. Nice idea.

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                We made ravioli at one of our dinner club meetings. Three types of fillings and three types of sauces and then we all sat down and ate. Good eats, good fun, good company.

              2. I have done pasta parties, where a couple batches of dough are made, and people bring their favorite sauces, then roll, cut, and boil their own pasta. It is also fun to do gnocchi parties, similarly. Set up rolling, cutting & stamping, and boiling stations; make fun of each other's lack of proficiency.

                Empanada parties -- have lots of dough made, and different sorts of fillings, do sweet and savory.

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                  I did lasagna party once. had boiled noodles ahead of time with fillings and we made the sauces. Sweet and savory and cheesy. Rolled them to make small individual like 2-3 rolls each. Pretty cool. I love the empenadas never did that and other pastas too. Even making the dough would be fun ... pre requisite ... don't wear dark colors (flour). I learned that.

                2. Making momos with Nepali friends.
                  Making makizushi with relatives.
                  Making shabu shabu with hakujin friends
                  Making tamales with friends who want to know how.

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                  1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                    making drinks in italy
                    making drinks in korea
                    making drinks on the stern of a boat in the exumas.

                    universal language.

                  2. fondue? (It's back in style you know!).. complete with retro-themed outfits and sides.. cheese and chocolate...

                    Shabu Shabu or steamboat parties are fun.

                    We often host a make-your-own-pizza party, but 1/2 the fun is that we've got an outdoor wood fired pizza oven, and guest fight over who gets to man the pizza paddle!

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                    1. re: purple goddess

                      I have a friend who has an outdoor oven like that. Last time we hosted it there. On the water ... atmosphere, but yep ... who get to man the paddle is definitely a battle. Usually who drinks the least amount of beer, lol

                    2. you could do a satay, yakitori or kebab grilling party. have the guests participate in creating various dipping sauces, then skewer their choice of meats, fish & veggies, grill them, and enjoy them dipped in the sauces they made.

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                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        I cater alot of parties like that but it would be fun to have one at home. Fruits, sweets, veggies and meats or seafood. Thx

                      2. Potstickers are fun to do with a group....

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                        1. re: mr99203

                          Honestly never made them. Wanted to, not sure why I haven't.

                        2. A crepe party! You make the fillings in advance, have guests make crepes and mix and match fillings.

                          Sukyaki or other "hot pot" type of dish

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                            Love the crepe idea. Used to eat at a place back in Michigan Magic Pan. All crepes. I still make them and love them. cool.

                          2. We had a 'guys cook for their ladies' dinner party. Was a great time: most of us pre-cooked some of our main dishes to save on time and elbow-to-elbow room, and of course our guests were suitably impressed.
                            Or astounded...

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                            1. Went to a sushi maki party once, as fun as it is, there were way too many left over rolls and the worst part was, tons of sticky rice and other bits all over the floor. Not recommended for those who don't like to clean.

                              1. HOT POT!!!!
                                Sorry to shout, but oh so fun.

                                1. I did the 'top your own pizza' party thing for Father's day last year. It was just 4 of us, so everyone got their own half pizza. It was tons of fun.

                                  1. Vietnamese summer rolls! Prep the fillings & dipping sauces and let the guests roll their own. Haven't done this myself yet but these don't sit well so I think make your own/eat your own arrangement would work nicely. Idea courtesy of Jeffrey Duguid (Hot Sour Salty Sweet)

                                    1. A year ago Dec. Pikawicca, and I and another poster on the Midwest board got together and made a multi-course Lebanese meal for 11. The 3 of us were exhausted after 2 days of cooking. A few more pairs of hands would have been a help. It was fun though.