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Feb 2, 2009 03:18 PM

Oakville Saturday or Sunday Brunch?

Fellow food enthusiasts - I come to you for assistance.

We are taking an elderly aunt out and need a good rec - she prefers buffet (so she can try everything) but I dont want another meal at Il Fornello or its type.

We are hoping to stay withing a 15 min drive of the main drag in Oakville - it takes long enough to get there so we dont want to have to drive too much further.

Someone had rec'd Ancaster Old Mill - looked great but a bit too far.

any other ideas?

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  1. Not a buffet but the food at Stoney's on Kerr Street is excellent. Great prices and large portions.

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      I would second Stoney's. But if you are bringing an elderly aunt, know that it is very busy and the tables are very close together. Another place to consider is Jonathon's. They have a seafood and souffle bar that is very nice and a bit more casual then there more formal dining room

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        I third Stoney's. I wanted to go to a decent breakfast joint in Mississauga but did not have too many good options so we made a trip out to Oakville for it. It was a pleasant experience.

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        With my mother in the hospital for a knee replacement in Oakville, my SO and I were looking for a nice spot for brunch. Saw this thread and thought we'd give Stoney's a try. We're really glad that we did.

        Stoney's is a smallish restaurant located on the east side Kerr Street, just a bit north of Rebecca Street in Oakville. When we walked in around 12:30 on a Sunday afternoon, it was a hive of activity. All of the tables were full and about 10-12 people were standing around a relatively open kitchen sipping drinks, reading papers, etc. We waited for a hostess for a few minutes but none approached us. Finally we asked someone if there was a wait list. This is where it got rather interesting.

        Above the kitchen are menus listing their fare. You place your order upon arrival and are given a number. When a table is available, you are seated and food arrives shortly after. I can understand why they do this. It is a small restaurant and helps move the tables, but it does result in a rather rushed dining experience.

        That was the negative, but now for the positive, and it is noteworthy. As stated elsewhere the food was excellent and portions were huge. I'm a 250 lb. guy with a hardy appetite and I could not finish my brunch. Food was attractively presented and very tasty. Large portions. I think the restaurant is good value for the money as long as you are not looking for an intimate dining experience. Neihbouring tables are very close meaning no really private conversations.

        For a quick breakfast, no hesitation recommending Stoney's.

      3. If you are wiling to go about the 15 minutes away, try Spencer's on the Waterfront in Burlington ( I was there for the buffet two weeks ago and really enjoyed the meal and the view.

        1. Thanks for the responses...unfortunately...we have already done Jonathon's - great place! If Stomeys is crowded might not be the best place as we also hove our 19 month old som to contend with....I will look into Spencer's - has anyone tried it?

          If we cant find a brunch buffet - how about a really great place for brunch?

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            I was at Spencer's two weeks ago, which was why I suggested it, I really enjoyed the meal. We had the early bird (10am seating), which was cheaper and was perfect for us since we did not want the champagne part of the brunch anyways. When we left they gave me a promo for a 2 for 1 meal/brunch good till April. (I thought I had done a review but I can't find it -- my net was wonky and I lost a few things that I had been sending to places)

            There were two of us for Brunch, we were promptly given a tour of the buffet set-up and seated at a prime window seat. The place became around 1/2 to 3/4th full fairly quickly. As soon as we were seated the waitperson was there offering us a selection of juices and a warm beverages. Food was organized in a self-serve area with the standard fare of bacon and sausages, types of eggs (I also saw them bring made to order eggs from the kitchen but did not have one myself), cold salads and sweets. Then they had the cold seafood bar with shrimp cocktails, King Crab, salmon, etc. The King Crab was nicely cut open so no on had to fight or get too messy hands eating it. Situated beside the cold seafood bar, was a fresh fruit and fresh -made to order- waffles and made to order omelet (with about 6 different fillings for the omelet) stand/area. The had an open kitchen with three made to order entries (the grilled fish with risotto was very nice), and Prime Rib with Yorkshire on the menu. For dessert they seemed to have a moderate selection of small items but I did not taste any -- I just had no room after the mains.

            They had Eggs benny on the hot table, and since my guest does not eat pork, they made us each fresh ones, and served it directly to the table. I also walk with a cane, and they served me the entrees at my table which I found very accommodating and made the meal more relaxing for the two of us.

          2. greetings,

            oliver & bonacini cafe grill @ oakville place as of recently have started serving weekend brunches, saturday and sunday from 11:30am-3:00pm...


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              I agree with Oliver & Bonacini. The brunch at Bayview Village location is fabulous and I heard that the same chef Jeff Ward is at the Oakville location. One of the best Eggs benedict in the city!

            2. We have been to Oliver & Bonacini at Bayview Village - its good. that being said, I am not keen on taking her to a mall is where the bus takes here for her walk so it wouldnt feel special to go there for brunch.

              I called Stoney's and they have only a limited menu on Saturdays.....

              Any other ideas?