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Feb 2, 2009 03:06 PM

Mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce - just upstate NY???

Hi all.

Question, especially for upstate-NY folks. When I lived in Albany/Troy I used to love getting fried Mozzarella sticks, with most bars/restaurants offering a choice of marinara sauce or raspberry sauce. I've seen Mozzarella sticks all over the country, but I've never seen them with raspberry sauce anywhere else but upstate NY. Why? Who came up with this? Why didn't they make it anywhere else?

I've been in Southern California for about 20 years. I told my wife and daughter (both SoCal natives) about this and they thought I was nuts. On a trip through Troy a few years ago, they tried them and thought they were great! How do I spread the news? Anyone seen these in other parts of the country?



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  1. I eat Brie with fruit sauces raw or baked and I consider mozzarella just as mild or neutral to both sweet and savory just like the ricotta it's derived from......but what about Wolfgang Pucks Pizza with Pineapple created in Cal.Mole has chocolate,Saurbraten ginger snaps etc ,My grandmother liked icecream in a bread roll I thought it was strange but found out thats a tradition in Palermo,Sicily for over a century

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      Mozzarella is not made from ricotta - ricotta can be made from the whey left over after making mozaarella. "ricotta" indeed means re-cooked in Italian.
      Either way you dip it, though, cheers!

    2. A restaurant in St Pete FL does mozzarella with a tangy orange sauce. They have been making it for years. I had it when I first moved here over 25 years ago.

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        I'm in St. Pete - what is the restaurant called?

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          Jacks, in the back of a small like convenience store. They were bought out last year. I don't know what the name is. It may of stayed the same. When were first moved here it was downtown, then it moved. It has gone through a few name changes. Same place however. They moved to a strip mall where they shared with other stores like Dunkin donuts etc, Then they moved to the back of the small grocery type place. That was the last I heard. I have been there since they last moved. I think for moves in 25 years. I will try to find out. They did mostly appetizers and sandwiches, Some light dinners is all when they were in the first locale.

          What is your favorite place to eat in St. Pete? Change of Subject sorry about that if you don't mind me asking.

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            Wow - lots of moves for one little place! I think my favorite spot at the moment is ABC Seafood. The best Chinese place in the county I think; super fresh seafood swimming around in the tanks - all packed into a shabby strip mall. Yours?

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              Naninnis (yes I spelled it right) a Chinese place in MI. Love it. My ex fiance / boyfriend still good friends diner he runs in MI. It is mostly my recipes and love Pacific Rim in Sarasota, Sushi. Atmosphere and food. Tops. Berns for just great steaks and a couple of local oyster bars for just quick seafood pots. ABC seafood someone else told me about.

              I wish Jacks stayed in business but they sort of settled in an area with too much growth so they kept getting bought out. Then the owner died, really they bought out again, then relocated but expanded too fast ... shouldn't have. sold again .... never ending saga. I followed them for a bit but now I make my own fried mozzarella with orange sauce. I use orange and mango and use pecans in the breading. Mine are better, lol.

              Some of the best places are the smallest hole in the wall places.

      2. I haven't seen it here in Vermont but had more than my share of Moozarell Stix with both sauces at Ralph's Tavern on Central Ave in Albany (near Wolf Rd.)

        1. There's a local place that serves raspberry sauce with its jalapeno poppers. Could probably get it with the mozz too. Owners are from Pittsburgh.

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              I have seen jalapeno poppers with raspberry sauce in the frozen food section of Smart & Final. Don't recall the brand, but that leads me to believe it is pretty common.

            2. It's not very gourmet, but its awsomely good when you want mozz sticks fast, Arby's (I think its called hardees in the east) has a dipping sauces for their jalapeno poppers and mozz sticks called bronco berry sauce that is raspberry-based... maybe they took their hint from NY?

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                Arby's is Arby's on the East Coast. Carl's Jr. is Hardees and vice versa.