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Feb 2, 2009 02:52 PM

Vickery's in Charleston/Mt. Pleasant

Had anyone been here and did you like it? Looking for a casual seafood place and this caught my eye-thanks!

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  1. I've eaten here three times, and probably won't make it four. The first two times we ate there, the food was ok, nothing spectacular, but not awful, either. We were also able to be seated on the outdoor deck, overlooking Shem Creek, so what the food lacked, the view made up for. The third time, though, we were stuck inside and the food was one step away from being awful. I've since decided that there are too many other great places at the same price point in Charleston to spend time in a mediocre place.

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      I'm with Betsy. Went to MtPl Vickery's once, wouldn't go back, nothing special except for the view. Dreadful service, below mediocre food. I actually liked the one time I ate at the Chas location much better, and have had very good meals at the Atlanta restaurant (but it's been a while).

    2. i ate apprx two months ago at the vickery's downtown and had a great meal - our serivce was great too - but i have also eaten at the one in mt p in the past and i feel like it is a dif spot - the service was terrible and the food just okay.

      1. I've eaten at both locations several times. Both have nice outdoor dining options for a nice day (particularly the shem creek location). Food isn't bad but it is far from exceptional.

        1. Not a fan. Just go downtown, where the options are plentiful.