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Feb 2, 2009 02:07 PM

[DFW] Chowish dining on a Sunday night?

Hi DFW hounds!

Later this month, we'll be in from Boston for an extended weekend in the DFW area. Was hoping I could pick your collective brains for some chowish suggestions for a Sunday night.

Although any price point is fine (from super-duper-cheap to don't-show-up-without-an-AMEX-Black), we tend to prefer a more casual vibe, try to steer clear of hotel restaurants and, if possible, would love some local color and ingredients over anything too Euro- or Asia-centric (thus less excited about Nana, Abacus, French Room, St. Martin, Fearings).

Liquor license is welcome, but not required. We'll have a car, and would be willing to drive up to about an hour from downtown Dallas.

Thanks in advance! Promise I'll write back and let you know how we fared...

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  1. Hi all,

    Wanted to "bump" this thread to give it one more go. Anyone have any ideas about the above? Table service, counter service, roadside shack, any part of town; if it's superlatively delicious and open on a Sunday night, we'd be delighted to make the trip...

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      My best suggestion since there might not be a sizeable Vietnamese population in Boston I would go with Garland/Richardson for Vietnamese. Vietnames will run you no more than $50 for the both for a meal fit for two kings. You will definitely have leftovers with that amount. Seafood hotpot runs about $25 but meant for 4 people.

      Saigon Mall

      Nam Hua in the same shopping center as Saigon Mall for awesome seafood hotpots, banh xeo (tumeric flavored crepes filled with shrimp and bean sprouts), crab rangoon, spicy lemongrass frog legs, list is pretty much endless.

      Banh Cuon Thang Long inside the mall in the same shopping center. Rice paper filled with bbq pork, etc. Very large portions and nothing over $7
      (Menu on the Myspace page


      There are also several food court type places one serving crawfish and blue crabs, another noodles, smoothies, etc etc

      Skip Lees Sandwich for banh mi.....the bread is great fillings terrible. Can get a loaf of bread for $ is worth it.....ask for a hot fresh one.

      Browse the snack shop and take some back with you to Boston. I particularly like the tamarind with a salty and spicy coating.

      Not terrible far away is La Me for the best banh mi in Dallas and their other dishes aren't bad either. I like the bun cha ha noi there.

      Kien Giang is great for salads. I can give you the name of two that are excellent. Have some of the same dishes that are at Nam Hua. (it has moved
      )4413 Walnut St. in a center with a Bingo place

      If you would rather have Chinese Richardson/Plano would be excellent!

    2. Maybe someplace in Oak Cliff, like El Ranchito, Bolsa, La Palapa Veracruzana, or Hattie's. Or somewhere uptown although I don't know what's open up there on a Sunday night.

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      1. re: luniz

        I went to Bolsa last night....maybe it was the time of night and the fact it was Monday. Based on last nights experience I wouldn't recommend it. I will have another go at it and give you some feedback.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          I went with you, and had a pretty different opinion. I'd be curious to hear what you didn't like about it.

          I thought the food was well prepared and tasted good. Arctic char was perfectly cooked - with crisp skin and a moist, barely-cooked interior. It was sauced with a tangerine flavored beurre blanc. Our other companion's duck was also tasty, and cooked to a perfect medium rare, although the skin could have been more crisp. In fact, I thought your dessert was also delicious - a bread pudding with blueberries. The bread was not soaked with custard, rather it retained a beautifully chewy texture, and (at least, for one bite) did not seem overly sweet.

          True, the bruschetta sample (4 different toppings) didn't blow me away - but it was still a very nice appetizer that I'd get again. The only real disappointment, I thought, was the squash bisque - almost flavorless and underseasoned.

          The atmosphere was good too. The inside seemed cozy, and the outside seating area was nice - temporarily covered and heated for the winter.

      2. I'm interpreting the request to be looking for eats with a local geographic flair -

        Southern - Babe's Chicken Dinner House - multiple locs - Each location has a different selection of mains and sides, but all have the chicken and chicken fried steak.

        New American:
        - Hattie's in Oak Cliff/Bishop Arts district -
        - Tillman's Roadhouse in Oak Cliff/Bishop Arts District -
        - The Porch in Dallas -

        There's a million of them. But I like Ojeda's in Dallas on Maple Ave. Call to verify that they are open on Sun.

        Ft Worth is about a 30 min. drive from downtown Dallas.

        Also check 2 very recent posts for other options:

        1. you want to go to tillmans roadhouse. best food . atmosphere. local ingredents. and lots lots lots of love in there food.

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          1. re: chefhiggs

            Wow, Tillman's looks terrific, but their website says they're closed on Sunday. Any chance this has changed? If not, I'm definitely short-listing it for a future trip.

            Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'll be sure to report back.

            (P.S. LewisvilleHounder, believe it or not, Boston actually has a pretty sizeable Vietnamese population; nothing to rival Dallas', but yeah, pho and banh mi are near-weekly staples for us. That said, next time I'm in town for a little longer, it's high time I checked out this scene.)

          2. So we went a little La Duni crazy while we were in town.

            We happened across the Oak Lawn location on a walk, and had an utterly amazing Sunday brunch there. Almost surreally excellent baked goods. Eggs Benedict served on a popover was awesome, especially with the chile-laced Hollandaise sauce. The French toast made with their rollo de canela was at least as good, made even better with thoughtful accompaniments of real maple syrup with pecans and butter with orange zest. Terrific espresso drinks too.

            Since we were so awestruck by brunch, we decided to check out the original McKinney location for dinner which, while sometimes downright excellent and always at least perfectly fine, didn't quite dazzle on the same level as brunch. Once again, the carbs shined. Having grown up in the Southwest, I'd say I know something about good tortilla chips, and La Duni's were some of the best I've had in a while; I found myself eating them without the (quite respectable) salsa just to appreciate the depth of flavor. The slice of cuatro leches cake for dessert was also great. The entrees were fine: the pabellon criollo was tender and tangy, if a little dull; the meat in the tacos de picanha was outstanding, but the dish was hurt by the flour tortillas not being homemade. Fried plantains were damn near perfect. Their house margarinha was certainly one of the best I've ever had, an absolutely top-notch combination of fresh lime, Citronage, and best of all, Jimador Silver tequila which asserted plenty of complex agave flavor.

            Thanks again to everyone for your suggestions; I can't wait to get back into town and sample some more of your fair city's delicious chow!