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Feb 2, 2009 01:32 PM

Downtown Coffee Houses (near Paramount)?

I'm looking for a good coffee houses downtown within a few blocks of the Paramount Theater. It would be great if you could include prices or whether or not you think it's expensive. Also, if there are any particularly good pastries.

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  1. The Hideout is right down the street, on Congress. They don't have a ton of pastries, but their baked apple fritters are really good. They're not terribly expensive, either.

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      Definitely second the Hideout -- very affordable drinks and snacks. The most pastry-like indulgence I've had there was a nice moist flavored bread (pumpkin? apple cinnamon? carrot raisin?) which was also very affordable. I want to say I once bought a double Americano, a thick slab of that yummy bread and a banana for around $5? Oh, and they used to have free Wi-Fi, though I can't confirm that currently...

    2. For pastries, check the hours of Bakerman's, which is right around the corner. They probably don't stay open late (more of a breakfast & lunch place), but if you can get there when they're open, their pastries are excellent.

      Otherwise, go with The Hideout.

      1. Little City across the street. Good coffee, and they have cinnamon rolls from Upper Crust.

        1. Thanks for all the info. I'll gives those a try.

          1. By far, Little City is the best coffee shop in that part of town--across the street and a few streets to the north. Forget the Hideout--the coffee is so mediocre.