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Feb 2, 2009 01:30 PM

Vegas Bachelor Party Rec's

For our buddy's "last meal" what would you recommend for an event such as this? We want a cool atmosphere and more than likely leaning towards steak. Currently looking at Nine Steakhouse at the Palms. Staying at Caesars but don't see anything that has that vibe that we are looking for. Thanks.

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  1. STRIP HOUSE @ the Planet Hollywood Resort. period.

    I know little about Vegas food, other than this place and Lotus of Siam.

    But STRIP HOUSE was spectacular!

    1. cant go wrong at Nine, perfect for bachelor party

      1. I also have a bachelor party in Vegas and am the best man, so I'm helping pick restaurants. We're staying at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay. We were thinking of doing Lupo one night and Rumjungle. Are these good choices? The groom is a foodie, but he also likes to party hard and wants a fun atmosphere (no steakhouses). What do you think?

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          Tao or Social House might be cool if you are looking for the non steak hip place.

        2. How about Kerry Simon's new restaurant at Palms Place. They have a special menu for bachelor parties.