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Feb 2, 2009 01:15 PM

Good ethnic restaurants in Portsmouth, NH?

Are there any good ethnic (Mexican, Thai, Chinese, South American, etc.) restaurants in Portsmouth, New Hampshire? I'm meeting friends for lunch and we want a break from the usual fare.

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  1. I think the rents are so high in Portsmouth that only high end (high dollar) places can afford it.

    Haven't been there in a while, but we always like the Shalimar for Indian (Hanover St. next to Legends).

    There's also Thai Paradise on Bridge St. Haven't been there in several years, (since Pan Thai opened in Exeter), but I always enjoyed it when I went there.

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    1. re: ChrisB

      I agree with Chris on this, the rents in Portsmouth really are too expensive for many typical ethnic eateries to survive. I really like Pan Thai II (Exeter) and think Thai Paradise is pretty good. Shalimar isn't really all that it's cracked up to be. My rec would be to go to Loco Coco's for Mexican in Kittery:

      1. re: bewley

        I'm going to third the motion for Thai Paradise. We eat there at least once a week! Loco Coco's has great food but it's kind of loud - just something to consider depending on what kind of get together you're having with your friends.

        Chiangmai Thai is also a decent option, but I think Thai Paradise is just a little better.

    2. Shalimar served me chicken so dried out, I had to wash down what I could with water.