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Feb 2, 2009 12:41 PM

Wildwood BBQ - what's good?

Heading to W'wood tonight and have seen mixed reviews - consensus says 'YES' to the burger and short rib, 'NO' to the dry, lean brisket, and it's even money on the ribs. Anybody been recently who can shed some light? I'm not expecting Hill or Dinosaur, just trying to order well because I'm definitely dining there this evening! Thanks.

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  1. Make sure to order the banana cream pie pudding for dessert! IMO, Wildwood is much better than HC.

    1. i had the brisket at WILDWOOD and it filled an insane texas bbq craving i caught one time. passable, filled the craving, but not memorable. i wont swear to it but if i recall correctly it had the pink edges too, which is a good sign.

      the cornbread side was more memorable....hard to screw that up tho!

      1. Went to Wildwood last night at about 10pm. Sat at one of the high top tables adjacent to the bar. Were completely ignored for 15 minutes so we got up and walked out. As we were making our way to the door a waitress looked at us and said "sorry." The place was 95% empty.


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          It's a BR Guest restaurant. I'm not really surprised.

          We have RUB, Dinosaur, Blue Smoke, Daisy Mae's, and Hill Country which is much better than 5 years ago.