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Feb 2, 2009 12:06 PM

Coleman's No More

Taste T.O is reporting that Colemans has closed-does anyone know why?-you would think that even in this economy places like that have somewhat of a chance. It has survived for so long in similar situations.....

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  1. I hope it has closed. Institution or not, that place was disgusting. The last time I was there, the waitress used a stinky rag to wipe down our table and then used the same rag to wipe the tops of the vinegar and ketchup bottle. And then she went to the wait station and had a big slug of beer. So dirty.

    1. they were in the same location with the same landlords for 35 years and did a midnight move.
      didn't even give their landlords the courtesy of telling them they were leaving.

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      1. re: todc1996

        you mean where they are now?-did they not close but move?

        1. re: alfie

          If this is the same Coleman's, looks like they're closed for good.

      2. Colemans was an institution in the same was Steve's is an institution, but a little bit better.

        Best meat sandwiches in the city? Probably not, but they were pretty darn good.

        Best chicken soup and matzah balls/kreplach? Pretty good, but not amazing.

        Sad that its gone, but hey, these things happen.

        1. Coleman's was great in the '60s when it was on Eglinton near Bathurst. We ate their takeout in front of the TV the afternoon Lee Oswald got shot. Can't say I ever much liked Coleman's on Buthurst. Went there for breakfast the morning after John Lennon died, and I think I came home with food poisoning. Whatever it was, I was pretty sick. I think the the two places to get smoked meat in Toronto are Wolfie's on Sheppard just west of Bathurst, and The Corned Beef House on Adelaide east of Spadina.

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          1. re: toppdog

            My forever memory of Coleman's is one time ordering for take out the veal cutlet dinner. About half way in to eating it, buried in amongst the sauce was a cigarette butt!!! Up until that point, I loved their veal cutlet. That was many moons ago. About a year ago we were in the area and hungry for lunch - it was pretty crappy. Kinda sad because like others have said, this place was an institution for us growing up. It was our after school hang out until we switched over to the Lawrence Plaza restaurant across the street. Oh the memories!!

            1. re: millygirl

              but did they charge you extra for the cigarette butt? :)

            2. re: toppdog

              Let's not forget Moe Pancer's, north of Wilson, west side of Bathurst. Fresser's Delight please......nice!

              1. re: Brain of J

                And also Wolfie's, on the north side of Sheppard, west of Bathurst. If you like Coke memorabilia, make sure you drop into this place for the decor. Smoked meat from Wolfie's and pastrami from Pancer's is my general rule.

                1. re: torontovore

                  Wolfie's is totally weird. While they do have Lester's old fashioned available, I'd go all the way to Centre St for it and avoid Wolfie's.

                  Pancer's has become inconsistent and is just okay, but it is better than Coleman's ever was.

            3. So any official word on why it closed??

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              1. re: magic

                No official word but there's a little more here plus some pics -

                1. re: JamieK

                  Thanks JamieK, I can’t seem to connect to the site right now. Will try again later. But thanks…

                2. re: magic

                  I was by the ex-Coleman's strip mall today, and some of the nearby store-owners confirmed todc1996's story about the sleazy midnight move, and had rather harsh words to say about management practices and general lack of business savvy there, by way of explanation for the closing. It was also disappointing to hear that the staff got screwed out of paycheques.

                  1. re: gimel

                    how sorry I am to hear that....many of the Staff were 'permanent' fixtures, and generally were good at their jobs, good with treat them so poorly is not forgiveable.... As recently as last November I went in once a week to get my husband's regular order of half pound cold, lean c.b to go.....The last time we actually ate a meal there, about 18 months ago...the Kishka was so bad as to be totally GROSS...never gone back for a meal since and now yet another Deli that passed its BBD....Oh well!!!!