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Feb 2, 2009 11:59 AM

Victoria Valley Vinyards - Upstate SC

I have had a bad attitude about Carolina wines. As much fun as it is to eat and drink local, my experiences w/ Shelton Vineyards and Biltmore wines (both in NC) has led me to believe that red clay and hot humid weather is just possibly not the best terroir for wine ;-)

But...VVV donated a zillion bottles of Merlot (06 I think) to be prizes at a Greenville 5k, and I'll be wasn't bad. I rarely drink Merlot, but most of the cheap California ones I've been served have been simple and sweet. The VVV wine wasn't a world beater, but it had some interesting tastes and was not sweet.

The winery is just north of Hwy 11 in the general area of Table Rock. Their website says they do tastings.

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  1. Thanks for the update! We're always looking for anyting local, which includes places which may be local during roadtrips or visits either north or south of NJ.

    In the south, we have only been to Hinnant Winery, and preferred their non-grape wines, particularly strawberry and pomegranate, which blended well with 50% seltzer to have on the beach during August. The grape wines are primarily muscats, and incredibly sweet. They honey sweetened wine was also interesting, but again, very sweet. These might taste better on top of ice cream sundaes.

    Victoria Vally Vineyard
    1360 S Saluda Rd, Cleveland, SC

    Hinnant Family Vineyards and Winery
    826 Pine Level-Micro Rd Pine, Level, NC

    1. If you are on thier mailing list they will let you know about wine dinners in the cellar. My wife and I have gone up there several times for lunch. It is a great place. Ask for a tour. I hope we can get up there for dinner soon. They also have a day a week in the summer with music.. It's just a fun place.

      1. The growing conditions are probably the reason that the Biltmore ships in about 80% of their grapes for their wines, so I wouldn't really call that a local indulgence. Where is Shelton Vineyards?

        I haven't had the opportunity to get up to VVV yet, but several people I know have been and enjoyed their time. I think I'll check it out once spring hits.

        Do they sell in town at all?

        1. North Carolina has over 80 wineries now, and the terroir varies across the state. :-) Maybe try a few more?