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I saw Little Toni's on Lankershim and was wondering..

Was going to taste wine at How's, we passed Little Toni's. It looks so awesomely old Skool Italian-esque from the outside. I have a hunger for good spaghetti and meatballs. How is it there? Do they have the candles in the old wax-drippy chianti bottles?

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  1. It's definitely old school red sauce Italian. I don't recall wax-drippy Chianti bottle candles, but I haven't eaten "in" for years. The food's OK.

    1. I think that's the place that was closed so long - the entire time (four years!) Mrs. O was working in the offices at Rob-May, in fact. I remember the yellowing sign on the door that said their re-opening was "eminent". Am I correct in this, DU? Anyway, it seems strangely appropriate that two such oldfashioned holdovers should share a neighborhood, that place and Le Petit Chateau.

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        It's often crowded and very old school. I went to a pizza party (all adults) a couple of years back and thought it was really good. Like the pizza from my childhood in San Francisco.

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          Hm... this is the place that is in the impossible intersection of Lankershim, Vineland and Camarillo. I don't recall it being closed THAT long but it sure looks depressingly run-down. That said, the food is not bad, though I can make better at home.

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            I never go to these places expecting better grub than I can make. I just enjoy eating this kind of thing more than I enjoy cooking it; if I'm gonna cook Italian, it's not gonna be spaghetti and meatballs, though I love eating that. I believe I've already admitted enjoying the pasta at Casa Bianca, and at Buca di Beppo... yes, I'm shameless. Shameless!

        2. The place was shut down following a fire but has been rebuilt and reopened by the same, original owners. It is excellent old school italian and a nice place for families. Go and enjoy!!

          1. I work half a block from Little Toni's. If you go expecting Mozza you'll be disappointed, but Little Toni's has been reliable for years. The pizza is upstate-New-York style -- they use half-cheddar, half-mozzarella -- and it's very good. Other entrees are typical red-sauce fare, many items are available in half-portions which is good if you aren't very hungry.

            About seven years ago they had a fire and were closed for almost two years due to insurance complications. When they reopened, except for moving one banquette the place was totally unchanged. (I don't think they ever had candles in Chianti bottles, but after the fire no way.)

            Another eccentricity is that except for a brief experiment a few years back they have never been open for lunch. Hours are 5 pm to 2 am, Sundays 4 am to 2 am. Along with Sitton's they are definitely the best late-night food in the vicinity.

            Little Toni's
            4745 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91602

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              Isn't Sitton's under new ownership? Are things different? They were wildly (or not so wildly) mediocre before.

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                Could be new owners, I wouldn't know. Their patty melt is pretty much the only thing I order there, and it hasn't changed.

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                  I thought it also has a new name. Will check it out when I'm in Noho again.

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                    Yep, the sign now says Andrew's North Hollywood Diner (but it will always be Sitton's to me).

                    I had lunch there yesterday, the menu and decor are unchanged, they even still have that silly plaster French chef statue out front.

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                  Same owners, new name.I believe a tribute to a family member's passing.

              2. It's fun for pizza and salad. The salad is your basic old skool the-waitress-makes-it iceberg + garbanzos and maybe some tomatoes or carrot shreds. The pizza crust is fairly thin. I like their pepperoni a lot. Haven't liked any entrees I've had as much as the pizza, but I think it's ok for lasagne and manicotti and that type of thing. Never have seen chianti bottles. They have a family special for about $30 where you get a huge bowl of salad and a huge bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce and a cheese pizza - enough for four. Great value on that.

                1. I believe that this is the same place that I used to go to as a child 40 years ago.

                  1. I was blue after eating this pizza, just depressed. The sausage is like from a frozen Totino's pizza. I'm sorry but this place would close within a week in Chicago. Just unacceptable. The crust is an afterthought. I'm sorry to be negative, but my God, people. The things LAngelinos pass as acceptable does damage to the whole town's reputation. Absolutely meritless.

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                      Just a suggestion -- worry less about what Angelenos think is OK and more about finding what you like. There are people with wooden palates in every city -- it's not at all an LA thing. Chicago has more than its share of people who think Olive Garden is an Italian God's gift to America.

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                        Yeah, but you can get get good italian in Chicago and New York. Here Little Toni's pizza actually passes for good.