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Feb 2, 2009 11:31 AM

Hawaiian Steak House in S.A?

Ok, so I've always wanted to go to a Japanese steak house and have the chef cook in front of me like in the movies. I ask around, and go to Benihanas. It was good, I but was a little disappointed with the wait and service. I was told that there are no other places similar with the type of atmosphere expected for a special occasion. Last week, I was listening to WOAI, and I heard about a Hawaiian Steak House called Ohanas. I check it out and in short "WOW". The place is like a Benihana on Steroids. The chefs were amazing, and the food was second to none. The chef explained to us that all of their beef is Certified Angus Beef aged 28 days, and their seafood is flow in from Hawaii. Their sushi was noticeably less fishy than other sushi bars I had visited, and presented in fine detail to us. The Place was so clean I could Sleep on the floor with good conscious. The portions are really made for a king. Half the table took food home. I am really glad the place opened and look forward to eating there again.

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  1. Hey, where in SA is it located at? There is a place called Aloha Kitchen on Austin highway that has entertainment,etc. But I guess the place you are talking about isn't it.I'll have to see if they have a website.

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      On Hausman and N. Loop 1604 W. their web site is Aloha Kitchen is great too, but more for local grinds.