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Feb 2, 2009 11:26 AM

how to add flaxseed to bread recipe

I plan to make whole wheat bread this weekend and thought it would be great to add a bit of flaxseed. Is it best to substitute an equal amount of flour for the flaxseed or just add the flaxseed in addition to the full amount of flour? Also, will the addition of flaxseed require more water to be added?


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  1. you can replace up to 1/4 of the flour with flax meal, and since it's higher in fat than the flour, you can actually cut back a bit on any other added fat in the recipe (though standard bread recipes don't contain much to begin with).

    a word of advice: pre-ground flax meal has the tendency to get rancid very quickly, so you're better off grinding whole flaxseeds yourself when you're ready to bake the bread.

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      How do you grind the flax seeds? In a food processor? Coffee grinder?

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        coffee or spice grinder. FP is too big - both the bowl & the blade.

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          I saw that you'd responded and knew you'd address the ground flax seed issue.;-) It doesn't make sense to use whole flax seed since we can't digest it but I'm seeing it more and more just added to products.

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            LOL :) i guess i am pretty predictable!

            i wish people didn't think they were getting the benefits from eating the whole seeds (the one exception is when they're sprouted - i happen to love those sprinkled on salad.) anyway, leave it to big business to confuse consumers on yet another nutrition issue.

            then there are the people who think they're doing the right thing by buying pre-ground seeds which have been sitting on a store shelf for who knows how long, and then they store them in the cupboard at home...

            which reminds me, note to the OP: once ground, if you don't use all the meal, store it in an airtight (and preferably opaque/ light-impervious) container in the refrigerator or freezer.

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              Thank you for this information; I will get back to it and try what you have suggested; sounds great! I had two questions as well,
              1) can i continue to add other types of grains to bump up the diversity? (if so are there any special considerations or instructions associated?)
              2) I recently saw a bread called p28 that has 14g protein per slice; I make a lot of ezekiel bread and love the extra protein in that bread (about 4 g protein per oz slice I think) How can I load my bread up with protein out the wazoo like that p28 bread? Thanks in advance for your time in reading through my loaded questions :)

    2. I've been making a lot of whole wheat bread lately - also with flax seed. I just added them in addition to the full flour amount. Although, there is no 'correct' amount of flour in my recipe (handed down from my father). Just add enough flour until it's at the right consistency. Add the flax seeds to the liquid before you start adding in the flour to ensure that they're evenly distributed

      1. If you are familiar with 'Eating Well' magazine, this month's publication has an interesting (2 day!) whole wheat bread recipe that incorporates not only flax seed but brown rice. BTW: it is recommended that to grind seeds and rice - one should use a spice/coffee grinder to acquire the best consistency. And yes, more water is required.

        1. You can also toast the seeds dry until they pop open (similar to popcorn). They're good this way added to salads too.

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