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Feb 2, 2009 11:09 AM

Best LV sushi bar - off the strip/but not too far from it

I'm trying to find the best LV sushi bar not in on the strip or in an expensive hotel setting. Even if there are prior posts, I'd love to get an update on what is the best right now. Close to the strip would be great, but not totally required.

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  1. Sen of Japan is terrific. It is not particularly close to the strip, but is worth the drive. Sushi-wa in Henderson is also good, but I would give the nod to Sen as the best local place now.

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    1. re: lvnvflyer

      I heard Sen was good. I think its the top chef from Nobu. How far from Mirage or the Luxor? Is it crazy expensive like Nobu, or a slight drop down in price because its not in the hotel?

      1. re: danieli10

        from the mirage, its about 10-12 minutes west, not far at all. luxor is about 20 minutes(maybe a tad shorter). it is about 20-25 percent cheaper than nobu, and quite good(easily the best in town off strip imho), it is the chef from nobu, sushi chef from defunct shintaro. definitely worth the trek!

        1. re: palmdoc1

          Excellent. Sounds great. Thx for all the info.