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Feb 2, 2009 11:07 AM

Looking for Dinner near Tufts Med Center

Will be in Boston for my sister's surgery from Tues through Saturday and am looking for some nice places to eat. We are staying at the Double Tree Inn on Washington...Family will be coming in and out of town so I was hoping to have a mix of suggestions from relatively innexpensive to mid priced. None of her family is really high end chowders. thanks for any help

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  1. Try Myers+ Chang about 2 blocks away. Very fresh and neo-Chinese/fresh - lunch about for 2 about $20.

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      Also, Chinatown has many wonderful authentic options and is right next door. Try Peach Farm for great fresh Chinese seafood, or Taiwan Cafe for outstanding Taiwanese. These aren't fancy, but are certainly great.

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        Myers & Chang is not a chain! Are you thinking of PF Chang?

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          Definitely not a chain and (IMHO) really great NEO-chinese food - fresh/bright and great. (BTW - pf changs is just nasty!)

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            Sorry--Science Chick edited! <shakes fist at that chick!>

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            Yes, yes.....I realized it the second after I clicked the "post" button and immediately edited my reply. You must have seen the original reply, which was posted for exactly 20 seconds total!!!!!


      2. Hi jspear,
        Our prayers are with your DS,
        I think, having shared many posts with you, I have some Idea of your tastes and would offer two walkable, short cab ride if you wish, places to you. Locke-Ober is a bit more upscale, being the home of JFK's favorite lobster bisque among Liydia Shire's many other fine offerings. Jacob Wirth's is also a Boston institution worth experiencing, I've included Locke-Ober's website in the link. below
        For some reason I can't edit Jacob Wirth's link so here is their website

        All the best,

        3 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108

        Jacob Wirth Restaurant
        31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

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          Thanks, kind words and thoughts are appreciated harp.....

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              I saw your follow-up jspear.
              First, I'm glad to hear DS is on the mend. Secondly, once again, I'm totally befuddled as to why the Trolls-in-Chief wouild remove your, more than generally, complimentary follow-up on my recs of Locke-Ober & Jacob Wirth's. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to play Walter Mitty and dream of chasing stripers on Casco Bay for a more positive exercising of the mind :-)


          1. there's plenty on this board about places in chinatown, and i would say most of them are better than myers & chang.

            if it's a small group and not wanting chinese, excelsior is having those $8 dinners at the bar nowadays, and that's a pretty short walk too. great deal!

            best of luck to you and your family jspear.

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                According to the website, Excelsior has closed :\

                Best of luck to your sister and your family, jspear!

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. Intermission lounge at corner of Tremont & Stuart is reasonably priced. Passable chains Rock Bottom & California Pizza Kitchen in theater district and McCormick & Schmick's @ happy hour in the bar has $1.99 specials that will fill you up.