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Feb 2, 2009 10:14 AM

Restaurant/bar suggestions for my Chicago trip next week?

My boyfriend and I will be going to Chicago for an early Valentine's Day from Monday to Wednesday next week. I want it to be the most delicious trip ever! I'm veg and he's normal, so there has to be at least a veg option or two on the menu. We might go to one nice restaurant and bar (nothing as expensive as Alinea), but for the rest, anything ranging from divey (but great) - up to $30/entree. I really enjoyed HB (Home Bistro) the last time we were in town, but want to try some new places.

These were some options that I've been toying with but I would love some more suggestions: Avec, Violet Hour, Sticky Rice Thai (for the ant egg omelet), Handlebar, Bongo Room, Perennial, Green Zebra.

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