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Feb 2, 2009 10:13 AM

Best Fried Chicken in Denver?

I read in the Westword, "Best of section" that the best fried chicken in Denver is to be had at the Rocky Mountain Diner.

Here is the link:


Agree, Disagree?

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  1. Rocky Mountain Dinner's fried chicken is no good in my opinion.

    Tom's Home Cooking is the best.
    26th and Clarkson
    They open at 11am and will sometimes be out of food by 1pm. Go early and get greens and mac n cheese. MMMM it's good.

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    1. re: hatchmaster

      Tom's is good. Steuben's is also good, and comes with a really good biscuit and other fixins.

      1. re: SeattliteChower

        Yeah, Steuben's is really good. M&D's serves chicken and waffles on Sundays, or at least they were a few months ago...would love to know how that is.

        1. re: tatamagouche

          We didn't think Steuben's was all that great :(

          1. re: lavendula

            Well, actually, now that you say that—I've had it 3 times, and twice it was really good. The 3rd time it was a little limp, and the gravy way too starchy. Was that the problem you had?

            Didn't someone mention White Farms a few months back?

            1. re: tatamagouche

              Well, this is a hunt for my fiance, who has this insane hankering for some really good fried chicken!

              He said Stueben's was just okay. Didn't blow his mind.

              1. re: tatamagouche

                White Fence Farms is good. Very hokey atmosphere, though.

                I found the RM Diner food is awful, but the building is beautiful.

                1. re: avgolemona

                  Haha, we tried RM Diner today and WHOA. They only serve the skillet fried chicken for dinner, so we were very bummed. He ordered the "chicken fried chicken" which the waitress said was just as good. It came out and looked like it was 3 days old, and was gross! I don't think we will be back to try the skillet kind anytime soon. Ick.

                  1. re: avgolemona

                    I've heard that many a time. I'd like to check it out (WFF I mean).

                    1. re: tatamagouche

                      It's fun to go on Thursday nights when they have a bluegrass jam. People show up with their instruments and at times there will be as many as 13 people playing. This is in the "barn" area where you can get a limited range of drinks while you're waiting for your number to be called, or have dessert afterwards. (Don't forget to get a number for dining. They don't do reservations.)

                      In the summer you can stroll the grounds and feed the ducks in the pond or look at the peacocks in the aviary.

                      Their chicken dinner comes with corn fritters (hushpuppies), pickled beets, bean salad, coleslaw and cottage cheese.

                      The decor is Midwestern mid-century pseudo-elegant, the clientele is (ahem) "older," the ambiance is hokey as hell, but the service is really good and the food is pretty good for the money. It's not fine dining by any stretch, but it's not bad for a change of pace. It is, above all, not pretentious. Or expensive.

                      1. re: avgolemona

                        Man, I've got to go there. Thanks for the details!

                        1. re: avgolemona

                          And the fried chicken? Worth the drive?

                          1. re: lavendula

                            That's pretty subjective, since I have no idea what kind of a drive it is for you, and what you expect from fried chicken.

                            It's good fried chicken. It's reasonably priced. It's better than RM Diner and FAR better than KFC, but I doubt if you'll sit there and moan at the sheer fabulosity of the chicken.

                            If all I wanted was really outstanding fried chicken, I'd make it myself - but White Fence Farms is more fun. YMMV.

          2. Ugh ... wish i would have realized Rocky Mountain Diner was part of the same chain as Castle Cafe in Castle Rock where I live. I've eaten @ Castle Cafe dozens of times and their Fried Chicken is OK but I always end up dumping hot sauce on it because it lacks flavor... Bummer, I've ordered the chicken and so we'll have to see.

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            1. re: olddogeyes

              Yep, it's the same bland tasteless stuff served @ Castle Cafe. Bummer. The chicken @ White Fence Farms is much better.